Sensational South America

South America is full of incredible places to visit and offers backpackers a huge variety. See the glaciers in Patagonia, visit the breathtaking Machu Picchu or sail down the Amazon, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a taste of everything (and not just amazing steak!), then South America is the one for you.

Check out the various backpacking destinations below and try and pick a favourite, I still can’t!

Backpacking in South America is a guaranteed way to have a good time on your travels. It has so much to offer, from icy glaciers and mountain treks to beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas. Whatever type of travel experience you’re looking for then South America can fulfil your needs.

And there’s so many ways to explore it and different experiences to be had. If you take the traditional backpacking route then you are certain to see an array of breathtaking sights, whether you choose to work your way across and up from Brazil or down from Central America through Colombia and Ecuador. It’s such a huge place that trying to fit it all into one trip is optimistic, though it’s certainly worth taking as much time as possible to take it all in. Brazil could be a backpacking trip in itself, as could Patagonia with the miles and miles of mountains and glaciers to trek across. It’s also made extremely easy with fantastic transport on the most part (sorry Bolivian chicken buses) and backpacker hostels and accomodation almost everywhere.

You could also take the volunteering approach, staying in one place and really getting to know the culture and the people in the area. Working in an orphanage in Brazil or on an environmental project in Peru or Ecuador are just a couple of the options for being a volunteer in South America. The possibilities are endless though, and if it’s really getting to know the people and traditions of a place that flicks your switches then volunteering is the way forward.

Backpacking in South America? It gets a big thumbs up from us!

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