Discover the Best of Asia

Asia and Australasia are usually the number 1 port of call for first-time backpackers. But they’re not all about boozy beach parties and random cocktails. With the amazing outdoor activities on offer in New Zealand, spectacular temples and golden buddhas scattered almost everywhere and natural wonders like the Himalayas you’re guaranteed a good time.

Backpacking in Asia is a fantastic experience for any backpacker, whether you’re looking for stunning paradise islands like those in Thailand or a more culture focused experience somewhere like India, China or Japan. There is so much diversity on this continent that whatever your requirements you can find them somewhere.

Hit South East Asia for beautiful beaches, soaking up the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand et al and they won’t disappoint. China oozes incredible cultural experiences and give you an insight into another world. If you’re after Wonders of the World then Asia’s got them wrapped up too, with the Taj Mahal standing tall amongst them. Then you’ve got natural wonders like the the Himalayas…

Whatever you’re looking for from your backpacking trip, Asia can deliver it in droves. Get ready to be entertained!

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