A Bit About Me

Until I was 18 I used to go on holidays to France and Spain and never ventured further than that. I cried when I went on a sleepover to a friend’s house five minutes down the road from mine and made my mum come on school trips with me. Fair to say I was a bit of a home bird. So when I told my parents after school I’d decided to go to Honduras for 12 months and teach English in a small village, they were sceptical to say the least.

More than 10 years later I’ve been to 5 of the 7 continents, visited 37 countries, lived in multiple different nations and well and truly been bitten by the travel bug. The days by the pool in France and Spain seem a long time ago. Though I do still love travelling in both France and Spain. And sitting by the pool for that matter.

Something About This Blog

How it all came to be…

When I returned from Honduras I headed to uni with grand designs of being a journalist. It didn’t quite work out as planned but this blog was born as my creative outlet to not only share my travel stories, but also as a place to exercise my love for writing.

Since then the blog’s audience has grown and grown and I’ve written for many of the biggest travel websites and blog out there. I love sharing my experiences with people and I hope that readers of the blog enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.