Guatemala Travel Guide

Whether you want adventure travel or historical ruins of amazing environments, Guatemala offers it all and more

Guatemala is a fascinating world of the new and the old. Its geographical diversities are extreme and its history spans over thousands of years. It has an enchanting blend of Spanish style and the ancient Mayan cultures. This rich culture and natural beauty of Guatemala has made it one of the most alluring destinations in Central America.

Most of Guatemala’s attractions are close to each other making it possible to visit them all in just a single trip, especially if you are on an extended tour around Central America. The colonial town of Antigua is one of the major backpacker hot spots in Guatemala but the ruins of Tikal is one of the most marketed. It lies in a low-lying lush forest in Northern Guatemala and is famous for its ancient attractions of Mayan ruins and spectacular wildlife. Just close to Antigua is the gorgeous volcanic Lake Atitlan surrounded by several volcanoes and you can explore this region by boat, not missing the city of Pananajachel that exposes you to the indigenous Mayan community. Other great places not to miss include the colorful Chichicastenango Market, the striking island of Flores, the coastal town of Monterrico and the Volcan Pacaya. The Volcan Pacaya is an ideal destination if you want to sweat it out climbing its challenging terrain. However, the views of the beautiful area below, from a perfect vantage point, are worth the struggle.

If you are looking for a place to experience extremes in every dimension, Guatemala is the place to head; ancient cultures, vibrant markets, diverse yet gorgeous landscapes and historic sites.