All-Inclusive Holidays: Any Good for Backpackers?

All-inclusive holidays have grown increasingly popular over recent years, but it’s not just rich families that are seeking out these kinds of holiday packages during the holidays. All inclusives can also provide a good option for budget travellers looking to rest after some time on the road without the worries of where to go or what to do the next day.

All-inclusive holidays away from home are a good option for travellers with only a short period of time available to them and can also provide advantages in the way of getting more by actually spending less. If you fancy visiting a destination that is renowned for being expensive like a skiing holiday or a luxury destination like the Caribbean then an all-inclusive might actually be a cheaper option. You can save on things like transport, meals and activities that individually bought would really add up.

You might even have been on the road for a long time on a round the world trip and fancy some time out where you can focus on relaxing, catching your breath and drinking your bodyweight!

Of course, the essence of travel for many backpackers is the freedom to move around whenever they wish so an all-inclusive just doesn’t make sense for them. The fun is in visiting a destination and if you like it then you can hang around, if it’s not your cup of tea then you can pick up your bag and move on.

It’s certainly true that all inclusive holidays aren’t for every budget traveller, but in the right circumstances then it could provide a nice backpacking break. We all need some R&R after all!

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