Malta Travel Guide

With a reputation as an elderly destination, Malta is actually a dream for backpackers

Malta is a popular holiday destination right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The small island nation attracts droves of travellers due to its rich history, sunshine and idyllic beaches. It offers a different experience closer home and its fascinating historical treasures offer a gateway to the past. This island nation comprises of three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino. It has a reputation for being a package holiday destination, but there is plenty to offer for backpackers too.

Valletta is the capital and features impressive gilded Baroque structures and though it is built around ancient attractions, it is bustling with activities and a sedate but atmospheric nightlife. Explore the ancient palaces, churches and pre-historic sites that dot the island. Malta is also the perfect place for a beach break and offers a variety of spectacular beaches that, though laid back, are also venues for colorful festivities and cultural celebrations. Take a visit to Malta’s sister island Gozo where life moves at a very slow pace and its rugged landscapes and dramatic coastlines beckon you to put on your walking shoes and explore its unforgettable natural wonders. Gozo is also famous for having the best scuba diving and snorkelling hot spots in the Mediterranean. It is also the home of myth and legends that claim Gozo to be the home of Homers Odyssey. Head to Gozo’s countryside, explore its historic Baroque churches, temples, and enjoy its 17th century feel.

Malta is mostly known as a living museum, pre-historic sites dating way beyond the iconic Stonehenge in the UK and magnificent ancient structures are a feast for the eyes. Its natural landscapes are also mind-blowing with attractions such as the Azure Window in Gozo keeping the cameras rolling at every angle. Forget the stereotypes you may have heard, Malta is the perfect place for a backpacking break.