The Best Things to Do in Barcelona with Family

Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city situated in the Catalonia region. The capital attracts many tourists each year for its magnificent sightseeing, exceptional architecture, gorgeous scenery and lovely Mediterranean weather.  

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona with family, which is why it makes for a great holiday destination. Whether you’re hoping to marvel over art in the galleries, learn about the city in the museums, relax and play on the beach or indulge in food and drink, there is something for everyone here. 

This bustling city is the perfect place to soak up the culture, alongside immersing yourself in a great atmosphere. Keep reading to learn more about the top family-friendly things to do in Barcelona, this way you can visit here with all these places in mind. 

Explore The Spanish Village

The Poble Espanyol is a beautiful spot that is perfect for anyone seeking things for families to do in Barcelona. Wander around this excellent part of the city where you will discover reconstructed architecture displaying the typical Spanish style. 

Not only does the Spanish Village provide an exciting day out for all, but there is also plenty of history to uncover here. It was originally built in 1929 to showcase Spanish culture at the International Fair. Today, visitors can take in all that the village has to offer. Stroll through Poble Espanyol and take in the art, events and shopping throughout. 

Many of the attractions at Poble Espanyol are also aimed towards children, providing hours of entertainment and fun for the whole family! 

Visit the Sagrada Familia

Situated in the Eixample district of the city is the outstanding Sagrada Familia. This ancient Roman infrastructure provides a great attraction for all and is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona with family. This beautiful temple doesn’t only display breathtaking architecture, but there is also plenty of history here too.  

Sagrada Familia is around 135 years old and continues to go under construction to maintain this lovely part of the city. Despite being unfinished, this is a great place to go with kids to learn more about the history and heritage of Barcelona. It also provides a must-visit destination to tick off your list when visiting the metropolis! 

Lounge on the Beach

A trip to Barcelona simply isn’t complete without a visit to the beach. Plus, with some excellent sandy shores to choose from, it would be a shame not to enjoy some family fun at the seaside! A favoured beach in Barcelona is Barceloneta. Here you will find the most central shore in the city, making it easy to access for those exploring the sights and attractions. 

However, Barceloneta is one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona, meaning it does get relatively busy here in summer. If you struggle to find a good spot, head to the nearby Sant Sebastia, perfect for those looking to paddle with little ones. 

Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella are also great options for anyone looking for family-friendly beaches in Barcelona. You will also find playgrounds nearby, the perfect place for keeping the kids entertained! 

Go Hiking at Montserrat Mountain

If you’re seeking the best area in Barcelona for walking with your family, a trip to Montserrat Mountain will do the trick! Here you will find an ancient Monastery, alongside breathtaking views over the city during the climb up the mountain. 

As you make your way up Montserrat, be sure to take in the different quarters and architecture along the trail. There are also some great walking trails around the mountain, so this doesn’t just have to be a visit to the Monastery. What’s more, you get a bird’s eye view of Barcelona, alongside the chance to enjoy the city’s wilder side. 

Check Out the Marine Life at L’aquarium Barcelona

Another exciting place to check out in Barcelona with kids is the L’aquarium Barcelona in Port Vell. Here you will find a day full of learning and adventure as you marvel over more than 450 species and 11,000 creatures throughout the aquarium. 

The aquarium is also just a short walk from La Rambla, meaning you don’t have to wander far to enjoy this attraction. Make your way around the various tanks, with moving walkways and glass tunnels to spot the incredible marine life here. 

A trip to L’aquarium Barcelona is also a great family activity for a rainy day as it is open all year. Not only will you find hours of entertainment here, but there are also lots of learning opportunities as you spot the different sea life throughout. 

Have some Fun at Tibidabo Amusement Park

For a day full of fun and plenty to do, a trip to Tibidabo Amusement Park will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. With rides for a range of ages, you can enjoy carousels, roller coasters and the Ferris wheel when visiting here. 

The park has an authentic charm and traditional feel which adds to the atmosphere when visiting. There is also a stunning cathedral in the park, providing a great place to visit after you have exhausted all the rides. 

Be Amazed at Cosmocaixa Science Museum

Another great option for those looking for what to do in Barcelona with family is a trip to the Cosmocaixa Science Museum. This is also ideal for anyone visiting in the rainy season, as this activity is indoors and offers plenty to do and see. 

If you’re into science and nature, Cosmocaixa is the place for you. Here, visitors can learn all about the Amazonian rainforest and its ecosystem, alongside famous scientists and various wildlife species. As you wander through one of the biggest museums in Spain, kids can play along with interactive exhibitions, learning as they go. 

There are hours of entertainment to be had at Cosmocaixa Science Museum, perfect for a range of ages. The easiest way to get here is by hopping on the train from the city centre to Avenida Tibidabo. Get off here and make your way to the museum, just a couple of minutes from the station. 

See Casa Batlló

Casa Batllo is an unmissable attraction and should certainly be on your itinerary when looking to explore Barcelona with family. This breathtaking building displays some of the most unique architecture in the city and will certainly catch your eye when in the area. 

The building was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi and showcases his authentic style throughout. With pastel colours and bone-like balconies, the house looks like something from a fairytale. Kids will love exploring inside where you can discover more fascinating designs. 

Wander through the interactive rooms, the Gaudi Dome and Gaudi Cube and try out the 4D experience where you get to see things from the artist’s perspective. This is a great way to keep the whole family entertained, all whilst learning about some of the outstanding art that lies in Barcelona. 

Experience The Magic Fountain

If you happen to find yourself exploring Plaza d’Espanya, be sure to check out the daily spectacular at the Magic Fountain. Kids love watching as the fountain comes to life with lights, colour and music, creating a dazzling show for all. 

The fountain was originally built in 1929 for the Universal Exhibition. It was then restored in 1992 for the Olympics and continues to impress visitors who come to watch whilst soaking up the magical atmosphere. Some fireworks displays also accompany the fountain show at various times throughout the year. 

It is worth noting that the Magic Fountain usually comes to life on an evening at around 8.30 pm. This is a great time to grab a bite to eat in the city and then head to Plaza d’Espanya to end your night with some magic! 

Ride Barcelona’s Cable Cars

One of the best ways to see all that Barcelona has to offer is by riding the cable cars. This provides an excellent adventure for the whole family, alongside a great opportunity to soak up stunning panoramic views of the city. 

There are two cable cars in Barcelona, one that takes visitors up the Teleferic de Montjuic and the other goes from Montjuic to Barceloneta beach. Get out and take in all that the beautiful mountain has to offer, without putting in the leg work. Or ride your way down to the beach on the Port Cable Car, an excellent choice for little legs! 

Kids love riding cable cars as they provide an exciting adventure and a unique way to travel. Adults often spend their time marvelling over the stunning vistas across Barcelona. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of the city’s famous sights and attractions as you soar above. 

When riding the Teleferic de Montjuic, there is also the opportunity to explore the stunning Montjuic Castle. Here you will find an attractive building that displays breathtaking architecture and even more of Barcelona’s fascinating history. 

Try a Family Walking Tour

A family walking tour is a great way to immerse yourself in Barcelona’s sightseeing. This also helps visitors learn more about the city as they explore with an experienced guide. Plus, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the famed attractions, as you can pick the perfect tour for you and your clan. 

There are also some excellent tours around Barcelona that are centred around kids. This helps keep the little ones entertained as you wander through the city and marvel at ancient architecture, fascinating history and more. 

For families hoping to make the most of their time in Barcelona, a walking tour provides you with some of the top sights in the city. This is also a great way to keep everyone engaged as you stop off at different interesting points, allowing something for all ages and sizes. 

Unwind in Park Guell

Another interesting place to visit is Park Guell. Once again, you can immerse yourself in the magnificent work of Antoni Gaudi as you stroll through the beautiful gardens brimming with art and architecture. There is a true sense of fantasy here as the unique designs come to life throughout the park. 

With a colourful lizard structure perched on a grand staircase, exquisite white benches and colourful buildings, there is plenty to do and see here. Kids will love the fairytale feel that surrounds Park Guell as you take in all that this captivating space in Barcelona has to offer. 

What’s more, visitors can learn as they go, making it perfect for kids hoping to avoid museums. The mythical atmosphere in Park Guell also creates an exceptional place to explore whilst soaking up the culture and heritage of the city. 


We hope that after reading this article you can now start planning a trip to Barcelona with the whole family. No matter where you choose to go, you will discover a city boasting beautiful surroundings, a great atmosphere, fascinating history and heritage and much more. There is something for everyone here, making it the ideal destination for families and couples alike. 

Be sure to put some time into organising your trip to Barcelona. Visitors find there is so much to see and do here, they often need more time just to experience it all. An itinerary of your top sights and attractions will ensure you get to see the best parts of the city for you and your family.

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