The Best Locations for Biking in the Cotswolds

For vast outdoor space and rolling countryside, there is no better place to go than The Cotswolds, United Kingdom. Visitors go here each year to enjoy the outdoor activities and stunning landscapes. With so much to do in the region, there is something here for the whole family. 

If you’re seeking an outdoor adventure, biking around the Cotswolds is a great option. With historic towns, pretty cities, stunning scenery and natural beauty in abundance a cycling trip here has it all. For more information on where to go biking in the Cotswolds, keep reading because we have all of the top places below! 

The Infant Thames

One of the favoured cycling routes in the Cotswolds is undoubtedly The Infant Thames. You will start and end the trail at Kemble Train Station, great for those pursuing a circular bike ride. This is a lovely cycle for those looking to explore at a gentle pace. There will also be plenty of opportunities to take in the gorgeous surroundings as you make your way through several attractive towns. 

Some of the highlights of The Infant Thames route include the pretty villages of Keynes, Shorncote and Ewen. You will also find encompassing countryside and lush rolling hills in abundance. After making your way through Shorncote, you will then head towards Cotswolds Water Park. Here you can spend some time relaxing or perhaps grab a bite to eat. With more than 100 lakes to explore and neverending greenery, you will find yourself needing more time here just to see it all. 

After you have taken in all that the stunning Cotswolds Water Park has to offer, you will then make your way back to Kemble Station, with even more beautiful scenery along the way.  

Honeybourne to Moreton-in-Marsh

For those looking for a slightly more challenging ride, the 11.5-mile cycle from Honeybourne to Moreton-in-Marsh should certainly do the trick. However, upon reaching the end of the route, there is a train station, so if you’d prefer not to bike back, you can always hop on the train. 

The route is made up of beautiful countryside and some of the region’s great attractions. There are also plenty of lovely villages to explore, alongside some hill climbs for those who enjoy a challenge. Be sure to check out the beautiful village of Chipping Campden, alongside many others throughout the route. During your cycle journey, there will also be plenty of opportunities to take in the historic buildings and breathtaking architecture throughout the Cotswolds. This allows visitors to immerse themselves in all that the region has to offer. 

After travelling through Aston Magna, cyclists will encounter beautiful panoramic views across the valley and a chance to relax as they make their way downhill. The trail finishes in Moreton-in-Marsh, giving you the option to either cycle back to Honeybourne or enjoy the peaceful train journey back. 

Sharpness Canal 

The Sharpness Canal is part of the Gloucester and Sharpness docks, allowing cyclists to see even more of the lovely Cotswolds. Along the route, you will find plenty of charming houses, natural scenery, and lush greenery lining the edge of the water. 

Some of the highlights include the Forest of Dean, the Severn Estuary and much more. What’s more, cyclists can make this trail as long or as short as they like, with plenty of different routes available. So whether you choose to spend the whole day exploring, or would prefer to bike at a leisurely pace with the family, there is something for everyone when riding along Sharpness Canal. 

Painswick to Winchcombe 

Painswick is a quaint village in the Cotswolds, somewhere certainly worth checking out when in the region. From here, you will find the lovely route to Winchcombe, perfect for those hoping to enjoy a cycling adventure. This is one of the more challenging routes, comprising some steep climbs and hilly areas. 

Be sure to spend some time at the Great Witcombe Roman Villa, the ideal opportunity to wander around the country’s heritage sites. After uncovering some of the histories at the Great Witcombe, continue your journey towards Winchcombe town. With around 38 miles of the route to tackle, the Painswick to Winchcombe trail is not for the faint of heart. However, the highlights along the way and the breathtaking panoramic views are certainly worth it. 


The lovely town of Burford is a popular destination for those visiting the Cotswolds. It is the perfect example of a quintessential town and has much to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes and peaceful country roads. 

This route is around 33 miles, so is better suited to avid cyclists. However, if you’re pursuing one of the best bike rides in the Cotswolds, a trip along the Windrush Valley from Burford is sure to impress. This is also an excellent opportunity to explore the East Cotswolds, alongside many of the pretty towns and villages along the way. 

Be sure to hop off your bike and stroll around the Minster Lovell Hall ruins, an excellent place to soak up some of the region’s rich history and heritage. If you’re looking for natural beauty in abundance, alongside some of the favoured towns in the Cotswolds, this route won’t disappoint! 

Cirencester to Stroud 

A must-visit location in the Cotswolds is Cirencester. It has much to offer in terms of sightseeing and attractions, ideal for those hoping to see as much as possible in one trip. Cycling from here to Stroud is the perfect way to explore more of the surrounding countryside, all while getting out and active. 

The route from Cirencester to Stroud is considered a challenging one, covering around 31 miles. However, the rewards along the journey are certainly worth it. Discover stunning countryside vistas, beautiful rolling hills and plenty of wildlife along the way. 

There will also be opportunities to stop off at popular tourist attractions such as the Cotswolds Water Park, Highgrove Gardens, Chavenage House, Police Bygones Museum and much more. This is an excellent ride for those planning to see more of the beautiful Cotswolds whilst on their bike. 

Stroud Valleys Trail 

The Stroud Valley Trail is a great route for families looking for a shorter bike ride. With no cars along the way and only 6.5 miles to cover, it is an excellent option for a range of abilities. After beginning your journey in Stonehouse, you will then continue along the Old Midland Railway, providing excellent views over the pretty Cotswolds. 

This path then leads you past some stunning water mills and intriguing architecture. Ride alongside the River Grome and take in the surrounding greenery throughout this trail. There are some other highlights when pedalling along the Stroud Valleys Trail, including the Stroudwater Canal, Nailsworth Stream and much more. 

For those seeking a gentle cycling adventure in the Cotswolds, the route along the Stroud Valleys Trail is a great option! 

The Nailsworth Circular

Another of the more challenging bike rides in the Cotswolds is the Nailsworth Circular. The ride takes you along 30 miles of beautiful countryside lanes, as well as some of the top sightseeing spots in the region. Explore places like Highgrove Gardens, Chavenage House, Rodmarton Manor, Mantara Garden and much more as you bike from the lovely town of Nailsworth. 

The ride is relatively steady, with plenty of downhill cycling and smooth roads. Be sure to stop off at one of the many restaurants in Nailsworth where you will find mouthwatering food, alongside a couple of drinks to reward yourself at the end of the journey. 


Starting from Kingham and making your way through Beldington, Upper and Lower Oddington and Adlestrop, cyclists can explore the many quaint villages scattered throughout the Cotswolds. The whole route is around 9 miles and is considered relatively easy, perfect for a range of abilities. 

You will discover some great eateries along this trail, ideal for those planning to stop off for a bite to eat. As you make your way through the many idyllic villages, you’ll also pass some authentic pubs and cosy restaurants, providing plenty of opportunities for families to enjoy a rest whilst out cycling. 

With stunning scenery, plenty of beautiful countryside and lush greenery at every twist and turn, a bike ride from Kingham is sure to impress even the most avid of cyclists! 

Cleeve Common, The Cotswolds Hill Route

The Cotswold Escarpment is something of a mecca for mountain biking so why not check out mountain biking in the Cotswolds for guided rides including electric and conventional mountain bike hire. 

The featured route from Cleeve Common is an excellent DIY choice for adventure seekers and cycling enthusiasts alike. With bumpy paths, muddy trails and dense forests to navigate through, this 12.5-mile ride is sure to impress. It’s important to note that the Cleeve Common route is off-road enthusiasts so you will need the correct gear when attempting this trail.

Upon reaching the top of the climb, you will find fantastic views across the Welsh Hills and Severn Vales. Sitting at approximately 300 metres, this provides the perfect opportunity to take in all that the beautiful Cotswolds countryside has to offer. It is also a great option for those seeking a circular ride, meaning cyclists can see more of the beautiful surroundings, rather than having to go back the way they came. 

This route starts off contesting, with a challenging climb and grassy paths into Brockhampton. You will then discover a few more hills to tackle along the route before enjoying the downhill and final drop into Winchcombe. Great for adventurers, thrill seekers and explorers, the route from Cleeve Common provides an exciting day out for all.


For those who have less time in the Cotswolds, a bike ride from Bibury is the perfect option for you. This is just a 3-hour ride, great for those who only have a couple of days to spend in the region. Begin your journey in the lovely town of Bibury. Head towards the trout farm and follow the route to the lovely villages of Chedworth and Coln St Dennis. 

Be sure to stop off at Coln St Dennis for a short rest and a chance to explore the lovely St John the Great Church, a fantastic way to uncover some history in the Cotswolds. Whilst enjoying a picnic at the church you will also find yourself encompassed by magnificent countryside vistas. Spend some time marvelling over the water meadows and the River Coln, before hopping on your bike and heading back. 

If you’re pursuing a peaceful cycling route in the Cotswolds, the ride from Bibury is ideal. Take in the breathtaking surrounding countryside and experience some of the idyllic towns scattered around the region. 


Last, but certainly not least is the lovely cycling route in Bourton. One of the main draws in the Cotswolds is the stunning villages of Upper and Lower Slaughter and this route provides the perfect opportunity to see for yourself. 

As you travel through the quaint streets in Bourton-on-the-Water and make your way through the Slaughters, be sure to hop off to take in the beautiful surroundings. These idyllic villages will truly take you back in time as you marvel over the historic architecture and picturesque settings. 

The whole route is just 1 mile, ideal for families or those seeking a gentle ride. With so much beauty along the way, a trip from Bourton provides the perfect way to see some of the prettiest spots in the Cotswolds. 


With so many wonderful trails to explore, it comes as no surprise that so many cyclists choose the Cotswolds for their next adventure. The region boasts beautiful landscapes, historic attractions and pretty towns and villages to scour. Whether you choose a gentle ride or a more challenging route, there is something for everyone when deciding on a cycling trip in the Cotswolds.

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