Morocco Travel Guide

Sensational cities combine with towering mountains and the vast Sahara Desert to make Morocco a backpacker’s dream

Bustling souks, ancient medinas, sprawling deserts, towering rugged mountains, golden beaches and a resilient culture are just some of the enchanting experiences in Morocco. This North African country is full of contrasts, where the new meets the ancient and where you find vibrant cities that never sleep and charming laid-back mountain top villages that seem stuck back in time.

From trekking the Atlas Mountain ranges to camping in the desert and from haggling prices in the souks to relaxing by the beach, Morocco is full of activities to keep you entertained throughout your trip. Marrakech is always the place where everything in Morocco begins, exploring its ancient medina and its centre of activity the Djemma El Fna where entertainment never stops day or night. If you are a fan of adventure travel, you can’t go wrong in Morocco, you can trek the Atlas ranges and witness the breathtaking sights of rugged cliffs, deep valleys and experience the sweet victory of conquering the snow capped peaks. The Sahara desert is yet another playground for adventure where riding a camel past the golden sandy dunes is must-have experience. Essaouira offers a relaxing destination after exploring the desert and the mountains; it is the ideal beach holiday destination for lazy days without the Blackpool feel of Agadir.

Morocco may be a part of Africa, but offers a different kind of experience than the wildlife safaris that are so synonymous with other African destinations. Whether you want intriguing nightlife, village experiences, adventure or simply to get away from it all and just relax, Morocco has it all.