The Perfect Start to a Backpacking Break: London, England

When deciding to go on a long-term backpacking trip, it is imperative to choose a good starting point. If you decide to start in London you will have a few benefits during your travels. Firstly, after having traveled to London, you will never be shocked about anything being very expensive since you’ve visited one of the most expensive cities already. Second, you will start in one of the most iconic cities in the world which is packed with fantastic sights and amazing things to do. Third, you can still afford to have a few treats before you get into full budget mode! When in London it might be a good idea to still indulge yourself before always having to be aware what you buy or do during your backpacking. With all the massage vouchers available for London you might even decide to get a wellness treatment so you will be prepared and all relaxed for your onward travels.

While you are in London you have to expect everything to be inordinately expensive, so it might be a good idea to relieve yourself of some of the needed expenses. Vouchers are a good alternative and will help you save a lot of money on numerous sightseeing activities, for example, with London aquarium vouchers. While browsing through all the vouchers you might even come up with great activities for your stay in London.

Another idea to cut off some of the expenses is to save on accommodations. A great way for backpackers in general is to “couchsurf”. While couchsurfing, you stay on another person’s couch for the time of your stay in the city, for free. Just help them out with food or drinks and they will be happy to be your host.

5 Things Not to Miss in London…

There are so many gorgeous places in London that many decide to write a whole book about them. Here are five tips on what you should definitely see and do while in London.

1. The Changing of the Guard

A trip to London wouldn’t be completely satisfying without watching this spectacle. In the summer you can see this every day at 11.30 am at Buckingham Palace. So this is a great way of combining the guard change, which you can also see at St. James Palace, and having a look at the famous Buckingham Palace.

2. The Portobello Road Market

This market is actually many markets rolled into one, so take your time to see everything and check out the offers there. This market in Notting Hill is also a place to see and be seen – keep that in mind while wandering along.

 3. Hopping onto an open bus tour

This is the first thing a London traveller should do to get a slight overview over the main sights and the city in general.

4. The London Eye

Built in 2000, this huge observation wheel is the newest landmark in London. If you want to take a peek of the city from the air, the London eye is the place to be.

5. Shopping at Harrods

You might not be be able to buy something from the world famous luxury department store, but it’s worth going just to walk around, it’s like a small town! This is just one of the ways you can indulge yourself in London but it is a traditional and interesting one. What a shame that there are no vouchers available for Harrods!

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