Where is the Best Food in France?

Not only does France offer visitors the chance to unwind in a romantic and stunning setting, but it is also renowned for its food offering. Many go here to try out the numerous Michelin Star restaurants, sit by the coast and enjoy fresh seafood, or try out some of the country’s unique delicacies. 

The whole of France has a distinct reputation for being one of the best places to go for fine dining and exceptional cuisine. So, it comes as no surprise that there are so many cities, towns and regions that boast the best eateries in the world. 

We have narrowed it down to the best places in France for food, so you can visit this exceptional part of Europe with only the top places in mind.     


To kick start our list, we have the renowned capital of France, Paris. It’s no surprise that this magical part of the country is on this list. But, the question is do you know exactly where in Paris to go for the best of its food offering? If not, we’ve got you covered!  

The thing that makes Paris so special is that it brings together the best of the country’s food offerings and houses it all in one city. Whether you’re seeking to indulge in the Parisian cafe culture, try ‘moules frites’ from the coast of Normandy, soak up the atmosphere of classic French bistros, or push the boat out at luxury Michelin star restaurants, the vibrant city has it all.

With so many of its own specialities, Paris is frequented by lovers of pastry, camembert, brie, creme brulee and much more. If your kind of holiday is trying out a huge selection of dining options from restaurants to cafes and fancy high-end eateries, then Paris has you covered.

It is worth noting that although it can be easy to follow the crowds when deciding where to eat, be careful not to fall into the tourist traps in Paris. Many restaurants and cafes simply put their prices up because they are in prime locations for visitors. Wander through the stunning streets and see what you find when you allow yourself to properly explore, as there are many hidden places to eat in this wonderful part of France.  


In contrast to the bustling and vibrant city of Paris, Nice has a lovely relaxed charm around it. This coastal haven is the capital of the Apes-Maritimes department and is superbly located on the French Riviera.

Not only do you get incredible coastal views, stunning beaches and a true Mediterranean aura, but Nice also boasts fascinating culture and mouth-watering eateries. You can enjoy your time dining here whilst soaking up the attractive architecture and excellent weather. Indulge in fine wines, or sit by the sea and take in the lovely ocean views whilst enjoying one of the many delicacies that Nice has to offer. 

Nice is renowned for its Salade Nicoise, which you can find in many restaurants across the world, however, trying this light and beautiful meal in the place it originated from offers an unmatched experience. The city also has so much more to offer foodies looking to fully embrace French cuisine. 

Make sure you try out Nicoise olives and anchovies, as they are a local produce of Nice, providing an authentic taste. Other dishes like pissaladiere, often described as a cross between a pizza and savoury tart, are ones to order here. If you find yourself strolling the stalls at Nice’s central market, make sure you pick up a socca; a large chickpea pancake, seasoned with black pepper. 

We have only scratched the surface with the food on offer in Nice, but the items above are a great place to start. Of course, there are several other delicious restaurants to try international cuisine, catering to a range of tastes. But, we always recommend trying out the region’s specialities as you won’t get it better anywhere else! 


When considering the best places to eat in France, Bordeaux had to be on the list. This is a particularly favoured spot for wine lovers, as many eateries here have catered their menus around their incredible wine offerings. You can enjoy vintage wines, whilst indulging in some of the best food in the region. 

Bordeaux is amazing for a range of culinary needs as it conveniently brings together some of the finest food that France has to offer all in one place. If you’re a foodie who prefers hearty dishes, then Bordeaux is the place for you. Here you will find filling specialities, perfect for those seeking a wholesome meal in France – of course, accompanied by some of the country’s best wines. 

Things like steak and Bordelaise sauce, warming fish and leek stew, and canelas, golden pastries with a vanilla and rum filling are just some of the foods to try when in Bordeaux. There are many other incredible dishes in several restaurants, cafes and bistros across Bordeaux, many of which cater to a range of culinary needs. 

However you choose to spend your time in Bordeaux, you will be met with some of the best wineries in the world, fine dining, filling specialities, and all in a place brimming with gothic architecture and historical cathedrals. This gorgeous city boasts several historical and cultural sightseeing spots, alongside a vibrant atmosphere for all to enjoy.


The cosmopolitan port city of Marseille offers a plethora of wonderful places to visit alongside some of the best dining establishments in France. Marseille has attracted a crowd of new and excited chefs who are breaking boundaries in the culinary world with their modern take on dining, and exciting food offering. 

Although the city is full of new dishes and things to try, if you’re seeking some of France’s traditional plates, don’t worry as there is still plenty of it in Marseille. You can still find authentic baked goods like navettes alongside the mouth-watering seafood soup bouillabaisse that was invented in the city. 

Much like frequented areas in France, it’s best to avoid the busy tourist spots as you can expect to pay more for your food here. Instead, spend some time exploring this magnificent city and you will be sure to find some quieter establishments offering incredible dishes. 

Alongside its wonderful food offering, Marseille also boasts pristine beaches, a buzzing cultural scene and several historical attractions. You can spend your time here wandering the authentically French streets, whilst stopping off here and there to indulge in some of the best dishes the city has to offer. 


For those hoping to pair their love for food with their love for the outdoors, Grenoble is a great option. This wonderful part of France sits at the foot of the Alps and is best known for its cable car system. You can jump in a cable car where you will be taken to ancient fortifications that provide breathtaking panoramic views over the city. 

After you have spent some time exploring Grenoble and taking in the expansive views, you will have most likely worked up an appetite, and you couldn’t be in better hands! Grenoble has been influenced in its food scene by the neighbouring city, Lyon, providing a diverse and delicious range of dishes for visitors to try. 

Grenoble has a particular flare for mixing Swiss Alpine dishes with Italian flavours. One of the most popular plates in the area is Gratin dauphinoise, a creamy potato dish that is baked and seasoned with garlic, cream and cheese. There are a few variations of the dauphinoise, but you will be sure to find some of the best versions of this dish in several restaurants across Grenoble. 

There are many mouth-watering eateries across the city, full of authentic French cuisine, international options and much more. Whatever type of food you’re looking for, you will be sure to find it in Grenoble. 


If you’re seeking somewhere a little quieter, Lille is a great option. Unlike Paris, Nice and Marseille, here you won’t find the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds, which is perfect for those looking for a bite to eat without the queues! 

Lille offers the perfect mix of traditional French cuisine alongside some newer, more hip restaurants. Being next to the Belgium border means that there is also great diversity between French and Belgium cultures in this beautiful city. 

There are many incredible dishes to choose from in Lille, many of which will satisfy even the biggest of foodies. For those with a sweet tooth, be sure to try Meert’s waffles; a classic treat filled with vanilla. The shop itself is stunning, brimming with vintage imagery and a quirky atmosphere, a dream for those who are looking for the best photo opportunity.

For meat lovers, Lille has got you covered too! Make sure you try the beer-stewed beef, meat and vegetable terrain alongside some of the best seafood money can buy. There are so many hearty dishes to choose from, you don’t have to worry about going home hungry when visiting Lille. 


In recent years, Lyon has been said to rival Paris for its diverse gourmet offering and wide selection of delicacies to choose from. Lovers of food must try the Bouchon; vibrant and informal restaurants that gained popularity in the 1930s. These wonderful eateries provide an authentic place to eat when visiting Lyon and are renowned for being the place to go for anyone looking to try the best food in the city. 

Lyon is mainly famous for its coq au vin, a filling french dish with chicken marinated in wine, mushrooms, lardons and garlic. Trying coq au vin in the vibrant city of Lyon will provide you with the best there is. It can be found in many restaurants across the world, but here is where you will find the best version of this authentically French recipe.   

You’re probably wondering how we have gotten this far without mentioning snails, and the reason for that is we have been waiting to introduce Lyon. Here you will find some of the best versions of the French delicacy, escargots à la Bourguignonne. The snails are cooked in garlic butter and parsley sauce, making for the most delicious way to try this traditional French cuisine. 

Although we are mainly talking about the best food in France, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty happening in Lyon outside of its Bouchon, restaurants and cafes. Be sure to visit the extensive shop offering, historical cathedrals and the Old Town that provides beautiful scenic vistas. 


Massignac is a small area in southwestern France. This tiny settlement is made up of historical sights, castles, churches, cathedrals and of course, some great food! There are some amazing restaurants in Massignac, providing some of the best eateries in France in a secluded environment. 

If you’re into your food, you have probably heard of Dominique Crenn, one of the world’s leading chefs. Dominique offers luxury hosted experiences for all foodies at the Domaine des Étangs, a stunning French chateau in the Cognac region. 

When visiting Massignac you will find incredible countryside, beautiful gardens, and a 13th-century chateau, known for being one of the most luxurious places in the country. Not only are you met with incredible food in Massignac, but you will also discover a sophisticated and remote location full of stunning scenery and lush greenery. 


We hope that after reading our recommendations for where to find the best food in France, you can now visit this exceptional part of Europe with all the best eateries in mind. Not only are you able to experience fine dining, authentic bistros and quaint streetside cafes, but France has a plethora of incredible architecture, plenty of history and lots to see and do. The romantic and charming country will provide you with one of the best getaways, no matter where you choose to go. 

If you’re feeling inspired to get exploring, check out our other destination guides in Europe to start planning your next adventure!

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