Travel Blog Reflections: My 7 Links

What seems like many moons ago now, I was invited to take part in Tripbase’s My 7 Links Project by both Todd Wassell and Loredana at Travel Moments and have finally got around to putting together my selection.

It’s a great idea to encourage bloggers to look back through old posts and revisit them. So often great content gets buried amongst the newer posts being written and lost into the oblivion that is the world wide web, never to be seen again.

I’ve tried to unearth some old favourites below, hope you enjoy them as much as i’ve enjoyed sifting through the archives!

My Most Beautiful Post

Morocco is a beautiful country, with Marrakech at its heart providing a feast for the senses. With vibrant colours everywhere, amazing things happening wherever you look and stunning backdrops aplenty, it made sense to do a photo diary to cover my time there. Every photo is incredible, and not because of my ability as a photographer! it’s easy to take great pictures when the subject is so beautiful.

My Most Popular Post

They say people like posts with numbers in the title and this proved to be the case here. At the start of the year i wrote about 7 great destinations for people to get on their list for travel in 2011 and it went down a treat. With loads of interest coming from both Facebook and Google the post continues to get a lot of visits which is always nice!

The destinations in the list included Turkey (which i visited myself this year) and Honduras, a place close to my heart after spending my gap year there. Hopefully it will continue to be a favourite for the last few months of the year and then i’ll have to write another!

My Most Controversial Post

I’m not one for controversy really, i’m a guy that likes to keep the peace so there aren’t that many contenders for this one! However, when i wrote my piece on London i did get some stick on Twitter suggesting that London wasn’t really a suitable place for backpackers as it was too costly and not very good for travellers on a budget. I disagree wholeheartedly as whilst the costs of accomodation, food and drink may be higher than other spots, there is so much to see and do for free that you have very little extra to spend money on. That’s my opinion anyway, without wishing to cook up a storm!

My Most Helpful Post

SEO can be a controversial subject amongst bloggers (maybe this should be in the last section!) but as someone who works in the seo industryI am certainly a believer in making sure you are doing everything right on your blog from an SEO perspective. Otherwise you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. This doesn’t mean doing anything underhand, just making sure that your blog is as accessible as possible, you aren’t missing link opportunities and that you have an eye on SEO when you write your posts. Hopefully there were some useful tips in this post for the folks reading it!

The Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Kuala Lumpur – Backpacking Photo of the Week

I always think of photo posts as a great way to keep the blog updated without necessarily expecting much interest from people. I certainly love seeing people’s travel photos so it was great to see this photo post in particular get a lot of slightly unexpected interest.

The Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

I found my love for travel whilst volunteering in Honduras so it’s a subject very close to my own travel experience. Admittedly this post was written fairly early in the life of Top Backpacking Destinations so my readership wasn’t particularly big but has never got the interest that i thought it would do (insert violin playing here). Looks like i’ll have to scrub up on my writing skills and whip up an even better one!

The Post That I’m Most Proud of

I don’t know if it’s because it is such a fantastic place, because of the way i wrote the post or the fact that it was the first time i was retweeted by Lonely Planet, but this post has always brought me a little bit of happiness and enjoyment. It’s hard to do somewhere this amazing justice through a blogpost so it was nice when it seemed to generate a lot of interest.

If you haven’t been to Patagonia then it’s time to book your ticket…

My Nominations

I’m way behind the game but will still pass the baton to the 5 folks below who all have great sites and who i’d love to see unearth some of their classic material…

Four Jandels
Scribbles of an Electronic Gypsy
The Drifters Blog
Quiet Wanderings
Round We Go

I look forward to seeing some old gems…