7 of the Best Ideas for Unique Adventure Holidays

After feeling restricted with travel for so long, it is safe to say that most people are ready to get out into the world on their holidays again. If the past few years have taught us anything, we know that our time is more important than ever. With this in mind, more and more travellers are seeking destinations offering unique experiences. 

Adventure holidays are a great way to see the world whilst creating unforgettable memories. This type of travel involves destinations usually off the beaten path with itineraries to get your blood pumping, from zip-lining through forests to snorkelling with rare sea life or even riding like a cowboy on horseback. 

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience full of exciting activities, you’re in the right place. In this post, we run through some of the best places in the world for unique adventure holidays to help you find the perfect destination for your next exciting trip! 

Have a Family Adventure in Montenegro

Covered in mountains, glacial lakes, dense forests and deep canyons, Montenegro is great for adventure seekers, as there is plenty of hiking, exploring and swimming. 

The country offers diverse terrain, from rugged cliffs to sandy beaches, which means the country presents scope for various activities. These range from kayaking on lakes to trekking up the mighty mountains. 

For those who seek tranquillity alongside adventure, a memorable activity would be swimming through the Cijevna Waterfalls in the Podgorica region, which offers a secluded and peaceful environment due to its remote location. 

Montenegro is great for families as it offers activities for various abilities. For example, you can hike up Bobotov Kuk, which sits at an impressive 2,532 metres high or have a gentle stroll through the Lake Skadar National Park, both of which offer walking experiences of varying difficulties.. 

The best time to visit Montenegro is between June and August, with July being the year’s hottest month, averaging around 31°C. However, its temperate climate means that Montenegro generally has warm, dry summers and much cooler winters, so if you’re looking to spend time outdoors, you’ll want to visit in the middle of the year. 

Witness the Northern Lights In Iceland

Watching the Northern Lights is a bucket list adventure for many that can only be experienced at certain times in the year, making it unique. The bright colours that light up the sky in green, pink, red, violet and white are a breathtaking sight to see, especially when you’re surrounded by stunning snow and ice. 

The lights in the Aurora Borealis appear from the Earth’s gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, that collide with particles released from the sun’s atmosphere; this causes the variation in colours, as greens are from oxygen gases and purple, blue or pink are caused by nitrogen. 

December through to March is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland because these months have clearer night skies and longer hours of darkness, providing better visibility. 

You will get the best Northern Lights to view from just outside Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik. Head to the Seltjarnarnes peninsula, the most north-western point of the city, as there is minimal light pollution, creating better conditions to see the natural phenomenon.

Grotta Lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes is another excellent site to see the Northern Lights, as the impressive structure provides visitors with an ideal backdrop for the fantastic nighttime show. 

Iceland also has plenty more to offer alongside the Northern Lights, including breathtaking icebergs, incredible waterfalls and beautiful scenery. The country’s great landscape makes for a perfect adventure holiday as there is so much outdoor space and attractions to experience. 

Hike Across Kauai, Hawaii’s Greenest Island

Kauai is the northernmost and oldest of the Hawaiian islands. Also known as the Garden Isle, it is famous for its expansive greenery and stunning mountainous backdrop. It’s a must-visit destination for many adventure travellers, as its landscape allows for some of the best hikes in the world. 

The island of Kauai is covered in rugged cliffs and tropical rainforests, perfect for trekking and exploring. Alongside its stunning scenery, Kauai also boasts an array of outdoor activities for visitors, from kayaking to snorkelling and even zip-lining through the dense forests for adrenaline seekers.

There are also opportunities to take helicopter rides over Kauai to see the island from a birds-eye view. Or you might be more interested in keeping your feet on the ground and hiking through the Waipo’o Falls Trail, which takes you through Waimea Canyon to stand on top of the island’s best waterfalls. 

April, May and June are the best months to visit Kauai for hiking, as this is when the weather is comfortably warm but not too hot and humid. 

Snorkel Around The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean, part of the country of Ecuador. There are 19 islands protected under the UNESCO World Heritage site and the Galapagos Marine Resources Reserve, spanning a total land area of 3,093 square miles.

These islands are unique because they are situated on both sides of the equator, which means they are in both the northern and southern hemispheres. In addition, as the islands are located in an area where three currents collide in the Pacific Ocean. This creates varying degrees of water temperature where warm and cold water meets, providing comfortable conditions for those looking to swim, snorkel or try other water activities.

Many travellers choose the Galapagos islands for the exceptional snorkelling opportunities, as over 53 rare species are around the Galapagos. The crystal clear waters allow snorkellers to get close to incredible marine life with the chance to catch glimpses of sharks, eels, rays and much more. 

There are also great land adventures to experience on the Galapagos Islands. Some of the best hiking routes consist of treks through lava rock with sightings of sea lions and walks up the Sierra Negra; the second largest volcano caldera in the world that will impress even the most experienced adventurer.  

December is the best month to visit the Galapagos Islands, as the temperatures start to creep up and the calmer waters make for incredible underwater visibility. 

See Wildlife on Safari in South Africa

Another top adventure bucket list destination is South Africa, especially seeing the big five on safari. Getting up and close with some of the world’s most impressive wildlife is something that every adventurous traveller should experience. 

The big five consist of the African leopard, African lion, Cape buffalo, African elephant and rhinoceros. One of the best places to experience a safari in South Africa is Kruger National Park, where the big five are abundant, so visitors are sure to catch a sight of the incredible wildlife. 

Other notable destinations in South Africa for safaris are Sabi Sands, Thornybush, Lion Sands and Mala Mala. 

Whatever safari experience you opt for, you will find adventure at every twist and turn in South Africa. Not only does the wildlife provide you with a memorable venture, but the savanna landscapes are also worth seeing. 

May to October is the preferred time to head out on safari in South Africa, as these are the cooler months offering temperatures of around 16°C. The dry weather, little watering holes and shorter grass mean that wildlife visibility is at its best during this time. 

Experience a Ranch Holiday in Montana

A ranch experience will provide travellers with a great adventure, with western horseback riding and an array of other activities all helping to create a unique holiday experience. 

Those who decide on a ranch getaway usually expect to spend the whole time galloping through fields whilst lassoing livestock, but many other things can be done whilst on a ranch. Fishing, rafting, cowboy cookouts, cattle drives and guided hikes all help to make this travel experience the ultimate adventure.

Montana is the most popular destination for those seeking a unique ranch stay. The vast open spaces, incredible scenery and nearby national parks like Yellowstone are in abundance, making it great for those seeking a somewhere to go with plenty to do.  

June to September offer the best times to visit Montana for a ranch holiday; when the weather is warmest, with average temperatures of 23°C, the warm sunny days create the perfect climate for a jam-packed horseback experience.  

Surf in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tropical waters, unmatched street food and thrilling waves make it a top destination for adventure travellers. Not only does the island’s diverse landscape make it ideal for those seeking an exciting trip, but it is also one of the top places in the world for surfers. 

Sri Lanka is perfect for year-round water activities, as its seasonal patterns mean that when one coast is choppy, others are calm, which helps ensure that there are always places to surf. 

The best places in Sri Lanka for surfing are Arugam Bay, Weligama Beach, and Hiriketiya Beach.

Arugam Bay is on the southeastern coast and tends to be where the professionals head. There are many surfing competitions held here. The best time to head to Arugam Bay for surfing is between April and October when the morning winds make for the perfect swells to ride. 

Weligama Beach is on the southern coast of Sri Lanka in the Matara District, which is an excellent place for beginners to try out their surfing skills, as there are some great surfing schools here. The best time to visit Weligama is from the end of September until the end of May, when the weather conditions are at their finest, which supplies visitors with the best surges. 

Hiriketiya Beach is on the south coast of Sri Lanka in the hub of Matara, where surfers head for the tranquil atmosphere. Situated next door to Dikwella Beach, you can easily access two incredible coasts. The best time to visit is between January and March, when the rainfall is low, and the calmer seas deliver an excellent spot for beginners or those learning to surf. 

Cruise from Paris to Champagne

If you aim to pair romance with adventure, there is no better way to do this than booking a luxury riverboat cruise around Paris. Cruising provides you with a unique way to experience multiple destinations and also ensures that you are in the right place to see all the top sights at the right time. 

A river cruise around Paris will take you along the River Seine, Rouen, Paris, Somme, Marne Canals, Champagne and Reims. When travelling along the water, there will be opportunities to spot the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame and much more. 

Once the river has taken you through the hustle and bustle of Paris, you will find peace and serenity as you head north into the surrounding countryside. This unique way to travel combines many places into one trip, making for the perfect adventure. 


Whether you are looking for a first-time adventure holiday or are a regular thrill-seeker on your travels, there is something for everyone. Whatever your holiday itinerary, it is clear that there are a bunch of locations to visit that all offer incredible adventures, so all that’s left is to pick the right one for you! 

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