Tanzania Travel Guide

A country packed with things to see and do, combined with incredible hospitality

The home of the highest mountain in Africa, stunning beaches, amazing wildlife, diverse cultures and fascinating islands, Tanzania beckons you with attractions from every angle. The country has established itself as a peaceful travel destination and is without a doubt one of the very best in Africa.

The most likely destination you’ll arrive in Tanzania is the vibrant capital Dar es Salam, which unlike its Arabic meaning “Port of Peace” is rather the opposite and bustling with activities. The city is also an eclectic blend of African, Arabic and Indian cultures giving rise to fascinating mixed traditions and mouth-watering cuisine.

Tanzania is popular for its wildlife parks that offer intimate game viewing. Some of its major highlights include the Serengeti National Park famous for its wildebeest migration, the Arusha Park with its unique flora and fauna and Gomba for its chimpanzees. Many visit Tanzania to reach Africa’s rooftop, Mount Kilimanjaro.  Africa’s highest peak offers a great opportunity for adventure with its varied trails and popular trekking routes. Though it requires a lot of effort and determination, it is an incredibly rewarding experience reaching the highest point in Africa, and the views along the way are magical. For those in search of somethina little less energetic the sandy beaches of Zanzibar off the shores of Tanzania offer a tranquil atmosphere; it is an established honeymoon destination and a relaxing base for any travellers looking to put their feet up and their backpacks down.

Tanzania is definitely a place for different kinds of holidays and as such appeals to many travelers; it has something for everyone, young and old, and is certainly somewhere to have on your itinerary if you’re spending some time in Africa.