The Backpacker’s Secret – Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Top Backpacking Destinations Ranking – 7/10

Africa is a continent that many travellers are fearful of. There are myths that it is less safe than other continents and carries more risk of disease. This is, as i said, just a myth, as Africa is an incredible place to explore with a huge array of unique destinations ideal for backpacker travel.

One such place is Nkhata Bay in Malawi. Malawi has a reputation as being a steady entry into Africa where you can ease your way in before moving on to the real sights. The phrase ‘Africa for beginners’ is often bandied around. However, it is a beautiful country in its own right with a massive variety of fantastic scenery and super friendly locals who can take your backpacking trip from good to great.

Nkhata Bay sums up these points, a pretty village on the northern lakeshore which has a distinctly Caribbean feel. Its lush tropical backdrop make it incredibly scenic and a very easy spot to kick back by the lake and relax. For those that get itchy feet very quickly there’s also some great activities to keep you busy, in particular when the fish eagle that lives up in the cliff gets to feeding time. The nearby coffee and tea plantations are also well worth exploring and can be done so on foot or even on a bike if you’re feeling particularly energetic. Any of these trips can be organised through one of the backpackers hostels available – there’s plenty of on backpacker accomodation on offer!

And this is what makes Malawi and Nkhata Bay so great; incredible sites, wonderful people and easy travel. Need i say more?

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