Beach but No Paradise – Mancora, Peru

Top Backpacking Destinations Ranking: 4/10

When you think of backpacking trips and all the fun that goes with, the beach is never far from your mind. Mancora is a beach destination that, whilst perfectly nice, does not blow your smelly socks off. Its main drawback is that it is situated in such an incredible area for travellers, where there are unbelievable sights around every corner and to live up to those standards a destination has to offer something really special.

Unfortunately Mancora can’t live up to those expectations. If you were in the middle of the British Isles and you needed a summer break then it would be a very pleasant getaway for a long weekend. However, when you have been cruising around South America for months on end and have seen some of the best beaches in the world you need to be blown away and Mancora can’t rise to this challenge. It is Peru’s slightly classier equivalent to Faliraki, with the town based around one street made up of bars and restaurants and the beach along the stretch hidden behind. However, here the bars become overcome by cockroaches come nightfall and the beach is not up to the paradise standards of many of its compatriots.

Mancora’s saving grace is that many visitors haven’t seen a beach since Rio as they have come up through South America and are ready for anything as long as it has a whiff of white sands. However, it doesn’t do enough to keep the traveller here for long and we’d be surprised if one relaxing day isn’t enough to recharge those travelling batteries and see them back on the road towards the next destination.