Indonesia Travel Guide

17,000 paradise islands disguise the depth of Indonesia’s attractions

When you talk of Bali, you think of an exotic tropical island destination. However, it is a part of the massive archipelago Indonesia, which most people are unaware of. Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 distinct islands each unique in culture, history and ethnic background. It is the largest archipelago in the world offering diverse landscapes, wildlife, religions, languages and fascinating lifestyles and traditions.

You might want to discover why Bali is the most famous of the islands, and wins awards year after year. It offers striking varied landscapes, pristine tropical beaches, lush paddy fields, verdant volcanic hillsides and rugged coastline. The island of Java is famous for its ancient Borobudur ancient Buddhist temple. Step back in time and witness this 8th century wonders in the heart of the Indonesian jungle. If you want to see the largest reptile in the planet, do not miss the Komodo National Park as named after the Komodo dragon. Though it is hard to explore all the islands in Indonesia, some other places worth visiting include the Gili islands, Sulawesi, Mount Bromo and Baliem Valley. With its varied landscapes and islands, you can enjoy numerous activities such as trekking, walking, water sports and cultural experiences.

Indonesia is an archipelago that you cannot explore in a hurry, it is has something fascinating at every turn, whether you want an activity holiday, romantic getaway or to soak up the exotic culture, this archipelago has something for everyone.