Top Backpacking Destinations Top 5 of 2010

2011 saw Top Backpacking Destinations grow a huge amount, both in content and design. I moved the site from Blogger to WordPress and absolutely love being on it – it was worth the hassle! There’s so much the platform allows you to do, and the sharing tools in particularly have been fantastic in allowing me to build the blog from something that was just a passing hobby this time last year to something that is now well read and, hopefully, has a few happy readers!

Below you can find the 5 most read posts from 2010 for your enjoyment, whether it’s first time around or revisiting one you’ve read before. Hopefully it will get your travelling juices flowing!

7 Reasons Why Voluntourism is the Best Way to Travel

Backpacking Quicksand – Antigua, Guatemala

Culture Shock That’s Worth It – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Beautiful Backpacking Off the Beaten Track – Kazbegi, Georgia

Backpacking Around Narnia – Patagonia, Argentina

What surprised me was that the two most read posts last year were also the two destinations that i gave the highest scores – guess that shows i made the right decision with my scoring!!!!