5 Tips for Caravanning or RVing Across Australia

Australia is a hotspot for backpackers who flock there in their droves to soak up the sun, lie on the beautiful beaches and sup on the very best Australian brew! But being so huge, backpackers often find it difficult to explore as much of the country as they would like. One way that many have found to overcome this issue is to rent or buy a caravan or RV and drive their way around this incredible country.

Caravanning around the country has many advantages and can be a very affordable way of doing it if you find a group of friends to do it with. It provides great flexibility in terms of when and where you travel, as well as a place you can call home throughout your time in Oz!

So what do you need to consider when caravanning across Australia in order to make sure you have a fantastic and safe time? Below are 5 tips to follow that should put you on the right track to seeing the best of Oz and having the trip of a lifetime…

Plan Your Route

As Australia is so big, it’s important to plan your route before you even get your transport. Decide what you want to see, where you want to go and what you want to do. You can then plan an efficient route and not waste money taking the long way around and supping more petrol than you need to.

Choose a Good Set of Wheels

Depending on where you want to go, how many peope are on your trip and what your budget is, there will be a wide range of caravans or campervans available to you. Whatever you go for, it’s important to give it a good look over and if you have someone with a mechanical mind in the group to give it a thorough examination. There are plenty of options available so you should be able to find the perfect match to carry you around on your adventure.

Get a BBQ!

The classic Australian experience, it’s crucial you get a BBQ on board your camper so you can tuck into some good ol’ barbie grub whilst you’re grazing on a few beers in the sunshine. Besides the ‘cultural’ experience though, it’s a good cheap way of having quality regular meals, without needing too many resources. Perfect for the hungry backpacker!

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a complex subject, and when you throw in an extended trip driving around a country like Australia then it’s likely you’ll need some sort of specialist details in your travel insurance policy. You could also consider getting some simple caravan insurance cover which will take care of you if you have any issues with the vehicle whilst in charge of it.

Don’t Forget to Budget for Petrol

It seems like an obvious point, but it’s amazing how many people forget that you have to pay to fill you caravan as well as the cost of getting hold of it in the first place! You’ll be driving some huge distances so petrol costs can add up and become quite significant so make sure you do your research and find out how much you’ll be paying per litre. Once you’ve planned your route as advised above, you’ll now how many miles you expect to travel so can come up with a rough estimate of how much you’ll need to budget.

If you follow those points you’ll be on your way to a fantastic caravan trip across Australia!

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