Greek Island Hopping

Beautiful Backpacking Around the Greek Islands – Greece

Backpacking around the Greek islands has been popular for decades and it is easy to see why. With a perfect mix of culture, beaches and great food, it charms visitors year after year. Hot days are a guarantee as are warm evenings to enjoy drinks watching the sunset before sampling some traditional food. Transport between the islands is easy to organise and you can see a variety of islands even if you only have limited time. You can rent scooters on most of the islands for around 10 euros a day which will enable you to explore and find remote villages and beaches that you may not find just by foot or public transport. Whether you’re a backpacker or you’re just looking for somewhere to enjoy your annual holidays, Greek Island hopping is hard to beat!

Greek Island Hopping

Whilst accommodation is not quite how it used to be with little old ladies lining up at the ferry terminals offering you rooms in their houses, you can still find some great traditional budget accommodation on the islands. If you look around and do some haggling you will find decent apartments for about 20 euros a night. You can also camp on most of the islands but if you are travelling in the peak summer months be sure to get a pitch in the shade or your tent may turn in to a furnace!

The food in Greece is great and there are a range of restaurants to suit all budgets. Some foods to definitely try are Kleftiko, Dolmades baklava and of course greek salad! If you are on a tight budget, you will be able to buy local food in supermarkets to get by. Sometimes the best dinners can be a selection of cold meats and cheeses with some freshly baked bread and a bottle of local wine!

There are so many places to visit it can sometimes be difficult picking where to go.  Different islands will offer a different experience depending on what you are looking for. Below we have picked some of our favourite places to help you plan your route.


Santorini is great for many reasons but perhaps the best is the sunset views from the village of Ola. There are also eight wineries on Santorini where you can go to free tastings to sample the local wines.

Santorini Greece


Tilos is more mountainous than other islands and will suit those who are looking for somewhere to walk and see some beautiful flora and fauna. It is a small island and is situated between Kos and Rhodes.


Gavdos has somehow managed to remain remarkably untouched and is an incredibly relaxed and peaceful island. It’s main beaches Agios, Ionnis and Potamos are incredible and arguably the best in Greece.


This island is worth visiting alone for the beautiful Navagio Beach (sometimes referred to as shipwreck beach and smugglers cove). The beach is breathtaking and can only be reached by boat.

Shipwreck Beach zakynthos


Mykanos has a faster pace of life than other islands and definitely earns its reputation as a party island. However, despite all this there are still many picturesque quaint little fishing villages to explore and it caters for the backpacker just as much as it caters for the package holiday makers.


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diving in kadavu fiji

Fabulous Fiji – 5 Tips for this Island Paradise

When you hear the word ‘Fiji’, what is the first thing that springs into your mind? Swaying palm trees rising high from fine white sandy beaches, with sparkling turquoise waters lapping at the shore. While these beaches are certainly dotted around Fiji, ten months living on this island taught me that sun, sea and sand are not all Fiji is about. Fijians are always smiling – and it is easy to see why when you see just how much they have right on their doorstep.

So, set your watch to the notoriously relaxed ‘Fiji time’, amble at your own sweet pace, and soak up all that this beautiful South Pacific island has to offer. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

Road trip around Viti Levu

As well as stopping off at the many beaches lining your path, taking a road trip around Viti Levu- the ‘mainland’- will offer many other spectacular landscapes, from Joske’s Thumb (a thumb-shaped mountain just outside Suva), to lush green pastures. My favourite sight en-route was always the numerous coconut sellers: these smiley Fijians will greet you with a mighty ‘BULA!’- Fijian for ‘hello/welcome’, before cutting the top off a young green coconut, sticking a straw in it, and handing it through your car window…all for $2 FJD. Not only coconut sellers will line your route…aubergine sellers, mango sellers, even crab and fish sellers will hold up their goods as you drive past. All in all, this is a fantastic introduction to Fiji before cruising off to the islands.

viti levu fiji

Diving/snorkelling in Kadavu

Diving enthusiasts, take note: Kadavu, Fiji’s third largest island, may just be the new Mecca of diving. The Great Astrolabe Reef, the world’s 4th largest barrier reef, has plenty of beautiful diving sites to offer even the most experienced diver. Eagle Rock is one of the many highlights, with its sunken boulders, pinnacles, narrow channels, sheer walls and a rugged, rocky sea floor. A bounty of tropical sea life awaits you, from graceful manta-rays, to turtles, to reef sharks.

Speaking of sharks, the Beqa Shark Dive- just an hour from Suva, Fiji’s capital- is a world-renowned encounter with these magnificent creatures. Reef sharks, tiger sharks, and even colossal bull sharks frequent Beqa Lagoon, and will often swim right up close to divers. Don’t be alarmed, they’re not looking for a human-flavoured snack- they will be much more interested in the food dished out by the divemasters. Witnessing these incredible creatures up close is a truly unforgettable experience; both you and your friends will be amazed at your bravery and the sharks’ splendour.

diving in kadavu fiji

Sawa-i-lau caves in the Yasawas

After a few days relaxing on the stunning beaches in the Yasawas, you may be feeling the need to explore more of the beauty on these islands. Even the most ardent sun-worshipper will not regret taking a boat tour out to the caves on the island of Sawa-i-lau. The journey itself is worth the trip, as you weave through the northern part of the Yasawas; the lush green of the islands next to the perfect sea blue is something else. Prepare to be particularly spellbound by the waters lapping the shores as your boat arrives: in my opinion, probably the most exquisitely clear in Fiji. Brooke Shields also once graced these shores; the Sawa-i-lau caves featured in the iconic film, ‘Blue Lagoon’.

As you climb into the first and largest cave, lower yourself into the natural pool and marvel at the stunning, jagged limestone formations around you. Swim into the next cave through an exhilarating underwater tunnel, before your tour guide leads you along the pools that cut through the cave’s shadowy passages. Fusing adventure with natural beauty, nobody will leave these caves disappointed.

Wind-surfing in Nananu-i-ra

For a little island, Fiji’s weather can wildly fluctuate, and windsurfers will love the strong winds off the tiny northern Fijian island of Nananu-i-ra. Accommodation wise, Safari Lodge is the best for water-sport fans, providing free equipment for kitesurfing, windsurfing and snorkelling/diving trips. Personally, I prefer the beaches on the other side of the island; a dip into the calmer waters outside Betham’s Beach Cottages will leave you relaxed, and ready to relax in the beach-side restaurant for the evening. Nananu-i-ra has yet to be touched by the same backpacker crowds as the Yasawas; up at Sunset Point, you are likely to enjoy a sunset that is exclusively yours.

Horse-riding and surfing along Natadola Beach

Though the Yasawa Islands may boast some of Fiji’s most beautiful beaches, the mainland has a strong contender of its own. With its soft, golden sands and azure waters, Natadola Beach- often ranked as one of the world’s top beaches- was a regular haunt of mine. A horse-ride along the shore makes for a unique beach experience; make sure you are not getting charged more than $20 FJD. For those riding for the first time, the friendly horse-owners will lead the horse for you; regular riders can canter or even gallop across the sands.

For years, Natadola has been one of the country’s best surfing spots for beginners; since the major 2012 floods in Nadi, the higher waves now attract more experienced surfers. Whatever your skill level, every surfer will find a wave to ride along this beach, with boards easily rented from the nearby Intercontinental Hotel.

surfing in fiji

Though Fiji may seem just like a beach-holiday location, she also has much to offer both the adventurer and culture-seeker. Although this Pacific paradise is certainly the perfect detour for backpackers to Australia and New Zealand, Fiji is a quality destination in her own right. I found it very difficult to say ‘moce’ (Fijian for ‘goodbye’) to this island after ten months; I have no doubt that any holiday-maker will feel the same way.

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Marathonisi Island

Soaking Up The Sun in Rural Greece: Agios Sostis, Greece

Marathonisi Island

Top Backpacking Destinations Rating: 7/10

Every so often a backpacker needs to stop the constant moving, rest the legs and recharge the batteries. There’s no point travelling the world if it becomes a chore and you feel like you always have to be on the move. Finding a great destination, grabbing a beer and looking out to beautiful sea and white sands can often be the best moments of a backpacker’s trip.

Agios Sostis is exactly the sort of place to do this if you’re travelling around Europe and looking for somewhere to stop off. It is a beautiful, traditional Greek village surrounded by stunning countryside and set with mountains as the backdrop to its attractive beaches and crystal clear waters. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful resorts in Zante and perfect if you fancy a bit of Greek culture to go with your sun, sea and sand.

Opposite Agios Sostis is an island called Marathonisi which is better known as Turtle Island due to its shape (very similar to a turtle!), and also the fact that Loggerhead turtles come here to nest their eggs around the island. It is an excellent place for a day trip out of Agios Sostis where you can sample some different beaches and even catch a glimpse of a few turtles pottering around if you’re lucky!

Greek RestaurantIf you’re a foodie then this place is great to sample some traditioanl greek cuisine, with tavernas lining the waterfront in amongst the main bars that are in the town. It’s a great place to eat, drink and enjoy the sun go down with beautiful views.

Agios Sostis isn’t the place to come if you’re a backpacker who likes to party hard, the nearby resort of Laganas might be a better option for you, but if you’re looking for a bit of down time on the road, some peace and quiet in stunning surroundings, then this is a fantastic option.

5 Thing Not to Miss in Agios Sostis

  • Enjoying traditional Greek cuisine on the waterfront
  • A day trip out to Marathonisi  to play with the Turtles
  • Visit the numerous local churches
  • See some Greek dancing in one of the local bars!
  • Explore the local beaches and relax

Agios Sostis Night

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Aegina Ruins, Greece

Aegina: A Small Island with a Lot to Discover – Aegina, Greece

For a backpacking destination that’s both far from the crowds and also has plenty to see and do, the Greek island of Aegina is well worth considering. Situated in the dead centre of the Saronic Gulf, Aegina has a rich ancient history and once challenged even mighty Athens for dominance of the sea, but today it’s a relatively sleepy spot that’s a favourite summer getaway for Greeks. It’s also often overlooked by foreign tourists in favour of more lively locations like Santorini and Mykonos, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind for a few days.

The best way to reach Aegina is by ferry from Piraeus, near Athens. If you’re looking to get some use out of your professional sailing waterproofs, the island’s main port town (also called Aegina) has its own sailing school that will be glad to offer lessons for all levels of experience and daily cruise trips. Spend a couple of days snorkelling and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Saronic Gulf, and be sure to visit the nearby island of Moni – an uninhabited natural haven with a secluded sandy beach and wildlife ranging from seals to goats and peacocks.

Aegina Marina, Greece

The town of Aegina, on the west coast of the island, is a great place to use as a base for your stay. Its quintessentially Greek open-fronted cafés and tavernas offer fantastic seafood in a tranquil setting, and stay open late into the night. There are also three outdoor cinemas in and around the town that provide evening entertainment – just the thing to wind down after a hard day of exploring. A bus station affords easy access to the other parts of the island.

Aegina rewards keen explorers with a wealth of historical structures, religious architecture and natural beauty. Among the best-known is the Temple of Aphaea, built around 500 BC as the sole site of worship for the eponymous goddess. According to Greek mythology, Aphaea was a Cretan woman of great beauty who ascended to divinity through the favour of Artemis, goddess of hunting and wild animals. Today, the temple is among the most well-preserved you’ll find outside of Athens, and the on-site museum includes some remarkable sculptural fragments – although you’d have to travel to the Glyphothek in Munich to see the temple’s complete sculptures.

Aegina Ruins, Greece

The island’s protector saint is venerated at Aegina’s largest religious building, the modern church of Agios Nektarios. One of the most visited spots on the island, the church features two bell towers and a connected monastery that is tended by a small community of nuns. A little further on is the mediaeval village of Paleachora, where the remains of 33 churches, linked by winding stone paths and in various states of repair, can be found. The oldest of these churches date back to the 13th century, and some have ancient frescoes and sculptures.

Naturally, you’ll want to spend at least some of your time in Aegina relaxing on the beaches, and the most popular ones are located on the north and west coasts – although the longest, the beautiful Agia Marina, is on the east coast. The beaches tend to be small but well-served by local cafés, restaurants and other tourist facilities – Marathonas, Souvala and Perdika are all great spots for a lazy day.

Aegina BuildingFive things not to miss in Aegina:

  • The Temple of Aphaea, around 10km east of the port town, is the perfect destination for a day’s hiking
  • The church of Agios Nektarios, one of the largest in Greece
  • Paleachora, the ancient hillside village that was once home to 70 churches
  • The Christos Kapralos museum, celebrating one of Greece’s most prolific modern sculptors
  • The island of Moni, a great spot for nature lovers
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Maui, Hawaii - Haleakala National Park

6 Things Backpackers Must Plan On Doing In Maui – Hawaii, USA

When most people think of Maui, they imagine relaxing under picturesque swaying palm trees along soft pacific sands, drink in hand, sporting nothing but shorts and sunglasses.  While this is probably one of the first things you’ll probably do while visiting the island, it is important to note that Maui has tons of other adventures and activities that might pull you off the beach for just a little while.  Here are some of the things you won’t want to miss before leaving Maui…

Hiking In Haleakala National Park

Miles and miles of trails cut through the sub-tropical rain forests of this gorgeous protected land.  You’ll quickly notice how noisy this thriving ecosystem is, as it is home to a wide variety of tropical and endangered species of birds and mammals.  Fresh streams cut paths down the mountain towards the coast as they pass over lushly covered waterfalls.  A hike to the summit of the Haleakala volcano will grant you one of Hawaii’s most stunning panoramic views. Haleakala National Park has a lot to see in just one day, so don’t be afraid to find one of the park campgrounds and split it up over a day or two.

Maui, Hawaii - Haleakala National Park

Driving Around the Island

There are a number of different ways to get around the island, but renting a car will enable you to see and do everything at your own pace.  Maui’s major highways hug tightly around the coast’s cliffs and beaches, making it an absolutely beautiful drive.  And unlike public transportation, a rental car gives you the freedom to stop off wherever you like for a photo or maybe a quick dip in the ocean.   Route 37 takes you across the island and up to the summit of Haleakala, perfect for those who still want to catch the view without putting in the miles hiking.

Outrigger Canoeing

These outrigger canoes are a staple of Hawaii. Designed to be more stabilize than traditional narrow vessels (like the canoe), outrigger canoes are ideal in the rough and unpredictable surf of the Pacific Ocean.  Having two hulls also spreads out the weight of the canoe along the surface of the water, which means that they are also much quicker moving.  They also happen to be a whole lot of fun!  Filling up a canoe with a few friends or family can make for an exciting day out on the water.

Wind Surfing in Maui, HawaiiSnorkeling

You can’t come to Maui and truly understand it’s natural wonders until you take a look below the surface.  From the beach, these crystal blue waters look void of anything but soft white sands. But when you put on a face mask and dive in, you’ll be amazed at all the sea life bustling about just under foot.  Vibrantly colored fish dance between a wide array of coral as you look down floating above.  If you’re lucky enough, you may get a glimpse of one of the island’s real treasures: the endangered giant sea turtle.  One other tip: don’t forget the sunblock.  It’s easy to lose track of time while snorkeling around but you are keeping your back and legs in direct exposure to the sun for an extended period of time.  Take breaks, reapply, and always use waterproof sun block.

Maui Botanical Gardens

There are a number of botanical gardens on the island all working towards the preservation and conservation of Maui’s plants and flowers.  For just a small donation, you can take a tour with a guide who can explain all hundreds, even thousands of brilliant species.  Many of the gardens also host unique workshops and events to help raise awareness and support.  So, take a minute to stop and smell the flowers – you’ll be glad you did.

Luau, Maui, HawaiiExperience a Luau

This probably requires no explanation, but even if you aren’t familiar with what a luau entails, just plan on going there with an appetite and ready to have a great time.  Simply put, a luau is a meal or feast accompanied by entertainment, typically music and hula dancing.  The menu can vary anywhere from fish to kalua pig with plenty of beer and wine to go around.  The festivities take place outdoors, typically right along the beach, and you can find many of the hotels and resorts putting on their own for their guests.  Check out the Maui Ocean Club, as they put on a great luau right on Ka’anapali Beach.

These are only just a few of the things you won’t want to forget to put on your itinerary when visiting Hawaiian paradise.  What are some of your other favorite things to do while in Maui?

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Zanzibar Sunset

Backpacking to Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania: A Photo Diary

Zanzibar is an island paradise set in the Indian Ocean just off the Tanzanian coast in East Africa. It offers beautiful beaches, stunning coral reef and an intriguing mix of cultures. With a mix of traditional African culture, as well as influences from colonial eras and Arab backgrounds, it is not just the beaches that make it worth the trip.

If you’re on an overland backpacking trip through Africa and are taking in areas of East Africa then Zanzibar should certainly be on your itinerary. It doesn’t have to be an expensive place to visit, you can certainly enjoy this beautiful archipelago on a budget.

Enough talk, the pictures can say it better than I every will:

Child Jumping Zanzibar
Man in sea Zanzibar
Man with Child Zanzibar
Skyline Zanzibar
Child Zanzibar
Bus Ride Zanzibar
Zanzibar Sunset

A big thanks to Adeel Halim for the fantastic images, visit his site for a bigger taste of his work.

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Soller Cathedral and Roof Tops

Puerto Pollensa, Soller & the Serra de Tramutano: North Coast Majorca

Serra de Tramutano Mountain RangeFor our final day in Majorca we planned to explore the north coast, travelling along from Puerto Pollensa to the more upmarket towns of Soller and Deia in the hills. Along this route is the Serra de Tramutano, a huge mountain range which looms large over the many towns on the north coast.

Puerto Pollensa is another town which caters heavily for tourists, with a pleasant seafront lined with shops and restaurants not unlike the other towns scattered along the east coast. It is a charming place with smaller sections of beach than the likes of Alcudia and Palma Nova. However, it is slightly less ‘in your face’ than those places and amongst the many small sections of beach you’ll find sand sculptors creating huge castles and beasts in the sand.

Road through Serra de TramutanoFrom Puerto Pollensa it is worth renting a car to take to the road into the Serra de Tramutano, a winding back and forth which affords top class views and some great driving challenges if you like a bit of time on the circuit! The road curves through pretty towns like Lluc and Fornalutx along the way and has numerous stopping areas to enjoy the views. Eventually it will lead you to Soller, a fantastic little town tucked away in the mountains. With a great town square, a large Gothic church and the occasional sound of the tram tooting through on its way from the port to Palma, it’s an easy place to sit with a coffee and watch the world go by. If you fancy some time by the sea then it’s only a short way to the port where glamorous boats and restaurants provide the foreground for the towering mountains.

Soller Cathedral and Roof TopsThe road from Soller then leads you up towards the towns of Deia and Valdemossa which are hidden away up in the hills. If possible the road gets even tighter and windier at this stage, and you need to concentrate hard to not be sucked in by the marvellous views around every turn. Deia is home to a hotel formally owned by Richard Branson, La Residencia, which might prove a step too far for those on a backpacking budget, but there are plenty of other bars and cafes to stop off at and enjoy the surroundings.

Along this route you can really take your pick of the towns you stop in and spend your time. The enjoyment is really in the journey and fantastic scenery which surrounds you. And whilst they cater to the higher end of the market, there are still budget accommodation options where you can stay for a night. And, if all else fails, it is only a short ride (by tram if you like!) back to Palma where there are even more options available. One thing’s for sure, whatever your budget, this isn’t a part of Majorca you want to miss out on.

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whale shark Utila

Beaches, Island Parties & Whale Sharks: Utila, Honduras

Top Backpacking Destinations Ranking: 5.5/10

utila beachIf you’re the kind of backpacker who wants to hit the road, see great sights and have wild parties every step of the way then Utila is certainly a destination that should be on your list. It certainly doesn’t have the glamour of it’s neighbour Roatan and isn’t as blessed in the natural beauty stakes, but it still has some great, busy beaches and is packed with travellers looking to have a good time.

One thing you don’t want to forget when visiting is your sleeping bag; the beds in even some of the better hostels obviously see a fair few visitors and the likelihood of being ravaged by bed bugs is pretty high! Most folks don’t worry about that when they hit the sack though as they’ve been partying hard and just finding their own bed can be a challenge! The party scene is certainly very prominent here and the main bars are packed every night of the week for those that want to partake.

Utila has been overrun by backpackers. It doesn’t have the same cultural impact as Roatan, but it is certainly the cheaper option and still comes with glorious, crystal clear seas and white sands. If you’re looking for a budget island getaway with some nightlife then look no further.

The majority of travellers who flock here come for the diving. It’s one of the cheapest places in the world to do your PADI course and also one of the most rewarding in terms of sea life and surroundings. I met a lot of people who had come to do a 4 day dive course and ended up getting stuck, working their way up to divemaster and hitting the town most nights. Not a bad lifestyle!

whale shark UtilaUtila also has a secret. For a couple of months a year (March/April and sometimes August/September) Whale Sharks come to play in the surrounding waters and you can get the chance to play with them! Some of the boat captains on the island are amazingly talented at spotting the clues of their whereabouts and can almost guarantee a sighting if there is one to be had. Some people go and scuba dive in the area and hope to come across them, but when i was there we went out on a boat with our snorkels at the ready and waited for the call from the captain. After much anticipation, the call came – there was one right beneath us! Everyone threw themselves over the side of the boat and tried to find it in the water. I managed to fall pretty much onto its rear fin! Once I’d regained my composure after coming much closer then i ever imagined to this 8metre monster, i swam with it as far as possible as it headed away from us into the deep blue. After about 15 seconds i couldn’t follow any further and headed back to the surface.

It was an incredible experience and certainly amongst the best i have had on my travels, if you’re around Utila at the right time you should certainly make the extra effort to go there just for that. I dubbed Utila the ‘Faliraki of the Caribbean’, but it’s not every day you get to swim alongside a beast so big and yet so tame. For that reason, Utila will always have a special place in my heart…

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A Beautiful Beach Getaway: Ko Lipe, Thailand

PC273711People ask me why Thailand is my favourite holiday spot in Asia. The answer is simple, it’s cheap, relatively close to Malaysia and it has some of the most gorgeous beaches known to man.

Perhaps one of my favourites islands on the South West coast of Thailand is Ko Lipe. Living in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia, makes crossing the Malaysian Thai boarder by car rather easy, and then a gorgeous beach holiday is only a stone’s throw away.

Ko Lipe is an island in Satun Province, near the Tarutao National Marine Park, on the Andaman (west) coast of the south of Thailand. Ko Lipe is usually reached from the town of Pakbara. Speedboats take one hour to reach Lipe, leave several times a day and cost 650BHT one way or 1,200BHT return. If you bargain hard, you might knock it down to 900BHT return/person. Once your speed boat gets to Lipe, local Chao Ley (Sea Gypsies) will come with their longtail boats to pick you up from the ferry. They will take you to any beach on the island for another 50BHT (not included in your ferry ticket!).

PC283826the long tail

Ko Lipe’s beaches feature white, soft sandy beaches with clear, calm, and shallow water. There are four main beaches to relax on, Pattaya Beach in the south the most popular beach; Sunrise Beach on the east, near the Chao Ley village; Karma Beach in the North which faces the Adang/Lipe channel, and Sunset Beach in the west, which as the name implies, faces the sunset.

PC283764secluded, gorgeous chalets that are affordable and clean

I love this place because it is the perfect getaway and a brilliant place to party, have great food, and just get away from KL’s city life for a bit. Paradise so close to home, what more can you ask for?

pristine beaches as far as the eye can see

About the writer…

Mei is an avid traveler, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who enjoys writing about her travel and gastronomic experiences. In her words: “It all started out a couple of years back as a means to journal our travels and related photos. However, because we enjoy eating so much (as do other Malaysians) this blog soon took on the form of a food blog: Cumi & Ciki is a Malaysian food and travel blog. The name is derived from a popular educational television puppet show for Malaysian children in the 70s and 80s. This is the tale of the two traveling, eating, thrill-seeking monkeys from Kuala Lumpur. Food and culture go hand in hand. We feel that in life, we need to enjoy what we do, have passion; cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world.

We hope that this is conveyed through our travel and food blog Cumi & Ciki blog.

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Backpacking in Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras – Backpacking Photo of the Week

One of the most popular places to go backpacking in Honduras are the Bay Islands. Of the three islands that make them up, Roatan is the most visited due to its incredible beaches, crystal clear waters and lush green backdrop. Whilst it is certainly no longer the undiscovered island escape it once was, it is still a fantastic place visit. Most backpackers will head to West End which houses the majority of backpacker accomodation, bars and other facilities that travellers are looking for. However, if you head to the other end of the island you will reach Punta Gorda and the Garifuna people. I was lucky enough to live there for a year and get to know some fantastic people and some photo friendly kids!

Backpacking in Roatan, Honduras