Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Hostels on Your Backpacking Trip

Staying in hostels rather than swanky hotels when you go on holiday or a backpacking trip is a great way to save money and have fun. Hostels these days are not the sole reserve of long haired, unwashed hippy backpackers looking to discover themselves.

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of reasonably priced high quality, city centre hostel accommodation with an eclectic mix of residents. There are loads of benefits to staying in hostels and it can a great way to save money when travelling.

1. Hostels are generally a lot cheaper than hotels so you will save money by staying in a hostel. A nice city centre dorm room hostel might cost you around £20 per night or £45 a night for private room with en-suite for two people. This is in comparison to often paying +£100 for a hotel double room.

2. If you are in a group, hostels are fun with communal areas, bars and the option of large shared rooms. Hostels are a great way to meet people and share stories and tips over a beer.

3. Hostels also often have very nice, private and en-suite rooms if you are after a bit more luxury and have a slightly bigger budget. These private rooms in hostels will nearly always be cheaper than a comparable standard of room in a nearby hotel.

4. Decent hostels are usually well placed close to transport links reducing your travel costs when you arrive. In European cities, some of the best hostels are often near the main train station.

5. A lot of hostels are very secure – they may have 24 hour security, swipe cards to get in and out of the hostel and the room as well as lockers for valuables.

6. If you are travelling and arrive at a hostel on the day, you might be able to haggle for a better price and save even more money. You might also be able to try this at some hotels if they have rooms to fill and you arrive late afternoon.

7. Hostels usually serve a free breakfast included in the room rate and taking a few bread rolls and some fruit for your lunch later on will be much more accepted in a hostel than in a swanky hotel. Grabbing some stuff for lunch from your hostel breakfast buffet can help you save money.

8. Staying in a hostel which has a bar can be a great way to have a city night out with reasonably priced drinks. If you were drinking in a hotel bar with friends, you would be paying much more.

9. Hostels often arrange tours and activities at reasonable rates that would be much cheaper than those offered through a hotel concierge.

10. Free transfer – some hostels will do free transfers from the airport of bus station when you have booked ahead.

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