The Natural Destination – Everglades, Florida

Top Backpacking Destinations Ranking: 5/10

The Everglades are a fantastic destination for travellers on their backpacking adventures. They offer a beautiful environment for the visitor to enjoy as well as a huge array of activities.

The main draw of the Everglades is its wildlife, with alligators the star of the show. There are a million and one ways to see this wildlife, whether you want to be adventurous and go it alone or let the pros lead you every step of the way. Guided tours are available around every corner, with your hostel or hotel probably the best place to start. It’s easy to find a great hostel which really gives you the feel of the area, with many tucked away in the rural surroundings and in amongst the wildlife that characterises the destination.

However, the Everglades is best explored on your own, backpack on and map in hand. As it is a National Park it is easy to jump on a bike and pedal around to your hearts content. The routes that are laid out lead you throughout the park and put you in close contact with the wildlife that are the reason most people make the journey.

Whatever your reason for visiting, the Everglades won’t let you down. Incredible proximity to the animal world, beautiful scenery and unlimited exploring opportunities will leave backpackers with a smile on their faces.