Berlin East Side Gallery

Berlin – A City with Many Faces: Berlin, Germany

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Berlin Festival of Light Berlin is often on a backpacker’s to-do list when travelling due to its excellent location in central Europe, with short distances to Krakow or even Amsterdam, and it’s magnitude of sights and discoveries. It’s a thriving city with a long history from World War II as well as massive cultural momentum, easily displayed by the vast amount of venues and galleries spread across the city, so why not book your short break in Berlin today?

With the city divided into districts, it feels like you are visiting little towns in one area. Friedrichshain in the very east has in the recent years become the cool area to be, in particular on the weekends with its bars, restaurants and cafes. Little eclectic shops can be found hidden on the side streets for that unique item to bring home. For the tourist in you, the must-see sight would be the East Side Gallery running along the river with the remaining Berlin Wall decorated in various artworks.

Berlin East Side Gallery

Just a touch more south, Kreuzberg is the home of the hipster crowds and artists, with the artistic boutiques and odd nightlife spots, in particular on Oranienstrasse. As the district has a large Turkish population, the food culture is exceptional and there is no visiting Kreuzberg without tasting a proper Döner and getting the taste of Istanbul. For the music fans out there, Kreuzberg is filled with venues ranging from small intimate shows to the large and intense. On any given night you are sure to experience a musical delight somewhere in town.

For the more high-end feel, and the shopping lovers, Mitte is the place to be. Starting at the Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden offers a street filled with historical architecture and designer shops leading the way until Alexanderplatz, Berlin’s shopping mecca. For those not scared of heights, a dinner at the top of the rotating, high-rising TV tower is an experience worth having. For the art and history kids, the Museum Island including the Pergamon filled with ancient Greek artefacts, is simply fabulous.

alexanderplatz BerlinTo top it all off, here are the 5 things not to miss in Berlin:

  1. Festival of Lights: For two weeks in October buildings all over Berlin have been equipped with lights of all shapes and colours and is a sight not to be missed. Watch the Gate, as well as Potsdamer Platz and over 50 other locations lit up in every colour of the rainbow. And best of all, it’s free!
  2. Berghain: Named the best techno club in the world, the line on the weekend says it all. Enjoy some of the world best DJs and music and discover what the hipsters in Berlin love so much.
  3. Mauerpark: Perfect location for a cold beer in the summer, and don’t miss the large flea market every Sunday for some amazing deals and items.
  4. Trabi Safari: The Trabant car is a landmark from the times of former East Germany and a classic car in itself. Discover the city with this unique ride, and get a flashback to the old times.
  5. Ramones Museum: Strangely enough, there is no link between Ramones and Berlin, but frankly, who cares? Go enjoy some memorabilia and if you are lucky, you might even get to see a show.

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3 replies
  1. Adam Brackpool
    Adam Brackpool says:

    Berlin really is an awesome city.

    However I don’t think my English accent helped me much! Our evenings were spent catching taxi’s from one club to the next. Nearly all of them turning us down.

    It was nice when we did get in to Berghain because of the exclusivity, but trying 4 or 5 clubs in one night and getting turned away did become tedious.

    Nice writing

  2. jeremy
    jeremy says:

    I used to live there for 6 month… probably one of the best city I stayed at, with an incredible quality of life for young people !

    This is probably the cheapest and funniest city in Western Europe!


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