Vietnam Travel Guide

Wonderful heritage mixed with outrageous landscapes gives Vietnam a real claim to being the best of Asia

Not long ago, Vietnam was known as a country waged with war, terror and deep divisions. However, those days are long gone now and Vietnam is slowly but surely rising from ashes to glory and becoming more accessible with new developments, hotels coming up and the old communist regime paving the way to socialist market economy. Though it does not forget its past, it embraces the future with hope and vitality.

Aside from its healing scars of war, you will find Vietnam a strikingly beautiful country from its green paddy fields in the north to the vibrant Mekong Delta in the south. In the middle, it boasts of beach towns and resorts which most backpackers are unable to resist. It has a lot to offer within its borders and even its remnants of war are a tourist attraction. Its cities are bustling with activities from honking motorbikes to hawkers and vendors. Away from the chaotic cities, you can take a relaxed break to the Mekong Delta and enjoy the rural lifestyle as well as witnessing floating markets. Vietnam also has impressive natural wonders including the world’s biggest cave, the limestone cliffs and turquoise waters of Halong Bay and the tranquil Lak Lake. Since Vietnam is home to a blend of cultures, the result is a delightful exotic cuisine, which makes it a great foodie destination.

While most countries drag in developments especially after years of war, Vietnam is doing well and as such is becoming a popular destination and one which should be on every Asian itinerary.