The Hills of San Francisco, USA: A Photo Diary

San Francisco is an incredible city packed with loads of things to see and do. Around every corner is a world recognised icon or location of a scene from a film, but there is also as much intrigue in people watching as there is in the landmarks.

From the Golden Gate bridge to Alcatraz, the windy Lombard Street to the hippyish Haight, San Fran provides a surprise at every turn and always offers entertainment. Whether you explore it on one of the many trams wandering the city or take the modern option of a stroller you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with the city.

It really is a travel destination which offers a feast for the eyes, which is why i’ve decided to let the pictures do the talking in this post, as they’ll do a far better job than i ever could:

If this has whet your appetite than why not book a hotel in San Francisco now and go out an sample it for yourself. It’s certainly a great backpacking destination and well worthy of a visit. And while you’re there you could extend your trip and see some other great travel destinations in the USA too…