Mongolia Travel Guide

A destination for the true explorers out there, Mongolia is one of the last genuine wildernesses on the planet.

Mongolia may not sound familiar, it may not top your list of ‘must travel destinations’ and even the sound of its name sounds like a distant land. Mongolia is in Central Asia, perhaps having giants such as Russia and China as neighbors, has made it less popular on the world map. Mongolia is historically rich, a travel wilderness and is the motherland of the great Genghis Khan, who created the mighty Mongol empire.

If you live in a large city and are eager to visit and experience a lifestyle different from what you are used to, then Mongolia is the place to pack your bags and head to. Mongolia is remote; open blue skies, vast empty spaces and untouched landscapes make it feel like the last place on the planet. This natural wilderness away from the fast moving world is embraced by nomads who live the same way they did hundreds of years ago. In fact, being in Mongolia feels like a few steps away from Stone Age. You can let your free spirit roam in the wilderness that best defines the true meaning of adventure travel. Some of the best places to visit in Mongolia include the Gobi desert, Altai Mountain Range, Waterfall Ulaan Tsuut Galan and the Karakorum Monastery.

Get lost in a world that seems to have been stuck back in time; enjoy the remoteness of Mongolia in a place where there are no fences, hardly any roads and experience vast open spaces of deserts, rivers and lakes under blue skies.