Malawi Travel Guide

Exotic wildlife, tremendous trekking and the popular lake Malawi a diverse geographical dream destination

As one of the smallest countries in Africa, Malawi may not be your everyone’s top choice of destination in Africa, but what it may lack in size, Mother Nature seems to have compensated in several impressive ways. This landlocked country is dominated by the crowning jewel Lake Malawi, has a variety of captivating natural landscapes and it is also home to spectacular wildlife. If you ever want to interact with the friendliest people in Africa, then Malawi is the place to be.

Lake Malawi is the most visited place in Malawi, and is a great compensation for lack of a coastline with spectacular golden beaches, colorful marine life and an array of activities that gives this area a Mediterranean atmosphere. If you are a fan of water sports such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing and cruising, then Lake Malawi offers the perfect playground. Nyika Plateau is one of the few places in Africa where you can enjoy walking or cycling amidst rolling hills and grasslands dotted with wildlife. Other great places not to miss include the Zomba Plateau, Liwonde National Park and Likoma Island.

Malawi is a great destination for any discerning traveler, it offers stunning sceneries, a wide array or activities and rich culture. Whether you are a birdwatcher, a marine fanatic or a game viewer, Malawi will keep you entertained. It is also one of the safest destinations in Africa and there is certainly an argument for its people being the friendliest!