Latvia Travel Guide

If you’re looking for an Eastern Europe escape which hasn’t been overrun by the backpacker trail, you’ve found the winner

The Baltic state of Latvia is gaining popularity as a budget friendly destination in Europe, which though affordable does deliver some of the most spectacular attractions in Eastern Europe. Stylish cities, charming towns and rich culture are just some of the few attractions that Latvia offers its visitors.

Riga is the capital city and is one of the top destinations in Latvia, it boasts of both ancient and modern architecture blending in harmony. Stroll through the old town and witness its ancient buildings and cobbled streets, though it is ancient and oozes old world charm it is still bustling with activities. The city centre of Riga is modern and cosmopolitan with vibrant nightlife and excellent shopping opportunities. Latvia, sometimes surprisingly, boasts of some lovely stretches of sandy beaches, where most visitors hardly ever land. Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia and offers incredible seaside resorts, gorgeous beaches and ancient architecture. Go off the beaten path and explore Latvia’s small towns such as Sigulda, Kuldiga, Madona and Cesis, where you can explore medieval castles and fun outdoor experiences. Visit Latvia’s National Parks such as Gauja National Park and Slitere National Park for some exciting outdoor experiences such as hiking and other adventure sports.

The secret of exploring Latvia is getting beyond its irresistible capital Riga and getting deeper into the other parts of the country. With its compact size, it is easy to explore its ancient small towns, beaches, parks and visit its lush forests, and still have time and money to spare.