Czech Republic Travel Guide

From resplendent Prague to flowing countryside, the Czechs are hiding a backpacking gem

The Czech Republic is one of the smallest countries in Europe but do not let its size deter you from exploring its copious natural and cultural treasures. This country is one of the easiest destinations to explore, with its size and effective public transit system, every attraction is within easy reach. There is a lot to keep your curious eyes wandering, from ancient monuments to UNESCO world heritage sites and chateaux; the attractions list is endless for such a tiny country.

As the capital city, Prague is a must to explore its rich historical background and admire its gorgeous ancient structures. Prague Castle is the highlight of every visit, explore this 10th century behemoth, which over the years has undergone several renovations and includes numerous buildings within its walls such as St Vitus Cathedral, St Georges Basilica, Powder Tower, and the Golden Lane. Another great experience in Prague is crossing over the River Vltava on the spectacular Charles Bridge, which offers fantastic views of the city. Explore the tombs, cemeteries and Czech crypts all over the country and witness how human bones have preserved over the centuries – one of the more bizarre things to do on a trip! The Bohemian paradise is one place you cannot miss; it is a paradise on earth and is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Czech Republic is rich in history, culture and offers a feast for the eyes at every turn. It is mysterious and enchanting with its numerous majestic palaces and castles that give you a glimpse into the past. The best thing is that you can view most of the country on a short trip or without taking a huge chunk out of a longer journey. Just try not to get stuck!