Chile Travel Guide

From towering mountains to expansive deserts, Chile can be anything you want it to be

Chile is sandwiched between the Andes, the Pacific, and it is the longest country in the world. It is only about 180 kilometers wide but it extends to 4,300 kilometes in length along the coastline of South America. Within its lengthy landscape, it is home to a range of natural diversities including deserts, fjords, mountains, glaciers and volcanoes.

If you ever wanted to be in the middle of nowhere, head to the Atacama Desert. It is one of the most popular destinations in Chile, the desert is the highest and the driest offering some truly interesting rock formations. Some of the best places to explore here are Valle de la Luna, Death Valley and Dinosaur Valley. Visit the most isolated island on the planet, Easter Island in the southern eastern Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its hundreds of monumental statues called moai and created centuries ago by the Rapanui people that lived here. For great camera moments head to the Torres Del Paine National Park that consists of rugged mountains, dazzling lakes and glaciers, the most stunning of which is The Three Towers of Paine (they are granite peaks naturally shaped by glacier ice). Relax in the tranquil tourist town of Pucon in the heart of southern Lake District, a small town which offers a stunning lake with a volcano in the background and is ideal for fun and adventure activities.

Chile has got it all; beaches, deserts, parks, history and culture. It is perfect for a backpacking adventure, and should certainly be explored alongside its South American neighbours.