Canada Travel Guide

Stunning nature and the world’s most liveable cities make Canada a popular spot

Canada is the second largest country in the world and as such offers a variety of attractions ranging from natural to manmade and from ancient to modern. It is home to vibrant cities, natural parks, beaches and rich culture. In a country as huge and as diverse as Canada, it can be hard to choose where to visit.

One of the most impressive attractions in Canada is Niagara Falls and year after year visitors crowd here to witness this marvellous natural wonder. Banf National Park is another breathtaking destination not to miss; it lies in the province of Alberta and boasts some of Canada’s most beautiful scenery. This area is ripe for adventures such as hiking, skiing and walking. Toronto is a city that you should endeavour to include on your itinerary; it sprouts majestically along the banks of Lake Ontario with its most recognisable feature the CN tower offering stunning 360 views of the city from the top. Montreal is yet another of Canada’s unmissable destinations, famous for its impeccable historic buildings, fine shopping and excellent dining, as well as being the French speaking capital. Other places of interest include Ottawa parliament hill, the St John Signal historic site and Old Quebec.

The immense diversity of Canada makes it an appealing destination for different kinds of travellers, whether you want to get lost in an ancient city, enjoy cosmopolitan city vibes or relax in a scenic location, Canada has got it all.