Go Backpacking in Hippy Paradise – Byron Bay, Australia

Top Backpacking Destinations Ranking – 8/10

Travellers who go backpacking around the world expecting to come back covered in beads and wearing clothes made of wheat will have found paradise when they reach Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. It is tailor made for the hippy lifestyle with great beaches in beautiful, natural surroundings and activities ranging from surfing, scuba and snorkelling to yoga, nature walks and day spas.

But it is not just hippies that are drawn to this popular backpacking destination. As with most places in Australia surfing is high on the agenda for most backpackers, whether it is their first go on the waves or they’re seasoned pros. And for the less active travellers out there you can always turn to the wildlife, with whale watching a major draw for many visitors who get a rare opportunity to see the most elusive of animals.

Byron Bay has all the amenities you could want, with backpacker accomodation everywhere you look and fantastic food ranging from falafels and fish to bbqs and homemade ice cream. All that enjoyed out on the beach and you’ve got a pretty nice little day (or month) ahead of you.

Byron Bay is tailor made for backpacker travel and is another of those destinations you could find yourself getting stuck. If you need any more evidence of its quality, then how about the fact that Paul Hogan aka Crocodile Dundee has built his mansion there. Even Mr Australia himself has given it the thumbs up!

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