Backpacking Quicksand – Antigua, Guatemala

Top Backpacking Destinations Ranking – 7/10

Backpacking can be a strange experience at times. The beauty of it is the ability to move around quickly and see a lot of places in a (relatively) short amount of time. However, every so often a backpacker comes across a destination which they find hard to leave and can get stuck there for a long time. Antigua is one of these backpacking destinations.

The town itself is beautiful, with cobbled streets galore and red tiled rooftops everywhere you look. All this is set against the beautiful backdrop of huge, often smoking, volcanoes giving the place a character all of its own. It has Baroque architecture abound and ruins of incredible colonial churches which further enhance its charm and appeal.

On top of this, and the main reason that backpackers find it so hard to leave, is that it also offers all the amenities a backpacker could want. Hostels and bed and breakfasts are everywhere and offer great value for money, and there are also a number of places aimed specifically at backpackers which, whilst not taking away from the city’s character, provides travellers with some home comforts that they’ve been missing. These include the world renowned English pub (and sausage and mash!), restaurants to suit any taste and budget as well as many backpacker orientated travel agents that make any excursion incredibly easy.

So, whether it’s a trek up a volcano you’re after (and i’d recommend it!), taking in breathtaking cultural sites or just to relax with a beer in a beautiful city with wonderful weather conditions, then Antigua is just the destination for you. But be warned, you might find it hard to leave…