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10 Places to Visit Around the World in 2016

More and more airlines are offering multi-stop tickets that allow you to visit multiple places for as long as you like. You can organize your stay in every country in advance or you can be a wayward traveler and just arrive and explore what the countries of your choice have to offer. It is completely […]

The Alternative Guide to Spain: Don’t Go There, Try Here

Spain is a buzzing tourist destination, but all too often travellers stick to the tried-and-tested locations rather than branching out and exploring somewhere else. If you fancy avoiding the usual tourist hotspots and trying something a little different, here are some options: Not Barcelona – Girona Long overshadowed by its big sister, Girona offers an […]

A Travelling Love Story – In 59 Selfies

Selfies are all the rage these days. There have been epic selfies, 360° 3 year selfies and Oscar selfies that broke the internet. But I like to think we were ahead of the game because Claire and I have been taking selfies on our travels since way before the craze took off and became the […]

Havana, Cuba – In 39 Photos

Havana is one of the most photogenic places in the world, with incredible classic cars, crumbling buildings and charismatic people everywhere you look. For me, photos of this incredible place tell the best story, so I’ll keep the words short and let the photos speak for themselves. If you haven’t been to Cuba I urge […]

A Backpacking Trip around Florence

Florence is not an easy place for a backpacking trip. Capital of Tuscany, ancient capital of Italy and one of the 3 most famous art cities of the country, together with Rome and Venice, it is what you would easily consider a big “tourist trap”. But I’m Italian, I’ve been to Florence several times and […]

The Best Festivals In and Around Valencia

Situated along the eastern edge of Spain, Valencia is notable for its colourful and exuberant festivities. In a country that does lively celebration like no other, this is no mean feat. More than 5 million overseas visitors choose the Valencia region as their holiday destination every year and many more choose to spend longer there […]