7 Travel Destinations Not to Miss in 2011

So a new year is nearly upon us and the potential for even more fantastic travel adventures. I always come into a new year with millions of ideas of where i would love to visit and always find it incredibly difficult to decide where best to go.

So, i thought i’d share with you my 7 travel destination tips for 2011 which should be near the top of your list too!

1. Morocco

A stunning country with huge variety and a rich culture. If you haven’t been to Morocco then you’re missing out. Flowing deserts, snow capped mountains or beaches and great surf; it’s got the lot. I recommend trekking in the High Atlas mountains, the quiet beach town of Taghazoute and the long trip into the Sahara and Erg Chebbi for starters.

2. Georgia

I’ve raved about Georgia before, and it’ll still be just as good in 2011 as it was in 2010. Fantastic landscapes, great value and wonderful people, it’s an easy place to have a fantastic time. Kazbegi is the stand out area in my opinion – get there before the crowds…

3. Honduras

I discovered my love of travel in Honduras and it is still a stunning destination. Most people know it for the idyllic beaches of Roatan and the Mayan ruins of Copan but there is much more to it than that. The hidden wonder is La Mosquitia, a huge expanse of jungle which covers the entire eastern side of the country. This is a true insight into remote living where travel is only possible in cayucos down the river infrastructure, and just to arrive requires a byplane landing on a grass strip. It’s worth the effort.

4. Patagonia

I still haven’t found a more breathtaking place in the world than Patagonia. With glaciers as far as the eye can see, snowy scenes and wildlife at every turn and incredible trekking opportunities it really rewards you for making the trip to South America’s tip.

5. New Zealand

The adventure traveller’s dream. New Zealand combines stunning scenery with adrenaline pumping activities and can keep the pickiest of backpackers happy. It also has a good selection of cities which can provide you with some restbite from all the bungees and skydives if it all gets too much.

6. India

India has always been a rich stomping ground for backpackers and nothing’s changed for 2011. Wonders of the World like the Taj Mahal, exotic beaches down the west coast and desert landscapes such as Jaisalmer are just the start of the offering. And whilst the cities can be very claustrophobic, you’ll struggle to find any country which provides so much to see and soak up. And then there’s the curries.

7. Turkey

On my list for 2011, Turkey is a huge country with incredible history and a never ending list of things to see and do. Fly high in a hot air balloon over Cappadoccia, visit the stunning ruins of Ephesus or explore the wonder’s of Istanbul by sailing down the Bosphorous. Throw in some beautiful beach getaways and the barran mountains of Anatolia and you’ve got yourself a great destination.

So there’s some food for thought – share your own recommendations for 2011 in the comments and make it an even more difficult choice!